November 2, 2017

There are so many things that I enjoy as hobby. I do them because I like doing them. But I never push myself to go a step further. Take writing for example, words form into sentences themselves when the mind is right. Then months go by without a single sentence being formed.  Continue reading “November 2, 2017”


What Does Niqab Mean To Me ?

A few days ago, I came across Huda’s instagram where she talked about this initiative to talk about the ban on Niqab in Quebec and other countries around the world. I loved the idea and decided to be a part of it. We are all talking about it under the hashtag #handsoffherniqab on instagram. The campaign is open for anyone who wants to stand up for women rights. Huda will include the best entries in the Affinity magazine. For more information, check out her instagram account. 

Also, be sure to check out the hashtag and look at everyone else’s contribution. Here is mine. 

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The Crap Called Lawn 2017

Let’s talk about every Pakistani’s favourite piece of clothing aka LAWN. Specifically Lawn this year. I admit that I love it as much as any other Pakistani. And I have paid the price of four dinners for one ‘Lawn Ka Jora’. However now it has become an industry focused on profit instead of creativity.

Firstly, all the bridal dress designers started coming out with their lawns. How could they not take this opportunity to benefit ?  Then where used to be one or two lawn collections per year, there started being a gazillion from Pre-Summer Lawn Collection, Summer Volume I Collection, Eid I Collection to Mid Spring Collection. What nonsense ! Continue reading “The Crap Called Lawn 2017”

My Top Five Favourite Childhood Book Series

I have been a bookworm my whole life. There isn’t a time where I don’t remember reading. And let me tell you, growing up with books is the best thing. I saw Atiya from The Good Life do this post and I had to copy her.

So in no particular order, here are the top five series that I loved as a child.

  1. Inspector Jamshed Series:


When we lived in Pakistan, one of our neighbour’s had a huge cupboard full of Ishtiaq Ahmed books in their store. Her son (Ali Bhai to us) used to read them as child. We devoured those books like cotton candy. The moment summer used to be in swing, we would run to their house and ask them to go straight to their store. We visited it on a daily basis. As much fun the series was, it was also great for kids because it would teach you valuable lessons. Through these detective stories, Ishtiaq addressed topics like honesty, bravery and hard work. Also, please don’t judge me. Keep in mind that I grew up with four boys. (two brothers and two cousins) So there was a lot of male influence. Continue reading “My Top Five Favourite Childhood Book Series”

Some Memories From Karachi

I am finally writing about my trip to Karachi which happened 7 months ago. Yikes ! We were there for two weeks. I was going through the pictures and I decided to write about some of my favourite memories. So here you go.


1. One of his Mamu’s arranged dinner at his house for us and all of his extended family. (which in total is about 60 people) It was on day 1 of our arrival. I was super nervous because I come from a very different family. His family is Memon and Memon’s don’t marry outside of their clan. I was the odd one out because my husband is the only one in their family who didn’t marry a Memon. Anyway, one of his Khala’s gave me these Gajra’s and made me wear them. Ah ! Gajra’s ! I fell in love with Gajras and got to wear them again a few days later. Although I had been married for 3 years, I was the ‘Naye Dulhan’ (new bride) to them. So I was treated like one too. Lol. Everyone was super nice. No one made a fuss that I didn’t take off my Abaya. And the Nihari they served was to die for. So it was a very good start to our trip.

20170103_1046372. The morning after the Mehndi, his Mamu (the one whose daughter was getting married) called and asked my mother in law to come over because there was a lot of wedding food leftover. And it had to distributed among all of their siblings. No one except me was awake. So my mother in law forced me to take the keys and drive. We picked up the food from his Mamu’s place and gave it to everyone else. I was over the moon about driving in Karachi. I got yelled at by a Rickshaw Wala but they yell at everyone. So I am going to count this as a win.






3. We were there in January, so none of the places I buy my clothes from had any lawn. I ended up going to the local market and buying clothes from there. Naturally I had to go to the lace shop. I spent 10 minutes just admiring all the colours, Kundan laces, buttons and the pearls. I asked the guy if I could take pictures and he got out of the way for me. Now I have been to lace shops but it was always with my mom, aunts or Nani. This was my first experience going by myself, picking out stuff without anyone’s opinion and bargaining for it. The best part was that I was mesmerised by it all and the guy let me take my time choosing everything I wanted.




20170104_1900044. One day, in between shopping and the next event, I had half an hour. So I texted best friend and told her that I was coming over, since she lived 2 minutes away. While I was there, I saw this mug that I had given to 2 of my best friends in 12th grade. And here we were, all grown up. Nostalgia hit me bad and reminded me of the people I treasure most.

I grew up hearing about her incredible Uncle and Aunt. True to what I had heard, I was there for 30 minutes and I had texted her 15 minutes before going over. There was a tray filled with pastries, pies and what not waiting for me when I arrived at her place. Just the way her ‘Phupho'(aunt) treated me, I felt like I was home.


5. Something that annoyed me was that while I was asked to meet all of my husband’s extended family. The same wasn’t asked of him. That made no sense. I was there as his partner so isn’t he suppose to be there as well. Apparently, not.

I went to Karachi with the view to see things differently. And I did. The broken walls, tangled wires and crowds of people had a charm of it’s own. I had heard so much about Karachi, some of it good, a lot of it terrible. I for one, had a great time.


I Got Rejected Because I Wear A Niqab

June 17, 2017

Today was a day of firsts.

First accountancy internship interview. First internship acceptance. First rejection because I wear a Niqab.

Last evening I read an email, sent two days ago, calling me for an interview today. I immediately emailed back and ran downstairs to get my phone. So I could call the husband and tell him. I had just started applying to different audit companies and wasn’t expecting a reply this fast. Continue reading “I Got Rejected Because I Wear A Niqab”

Saying Goodbye To Ramadan

I just came back from the Qayyam prayers. Living in a Muslim country, I absolutely love this time of the year.

Qatari’s are very down to earth, generous and sweet people. But in Ramadan, their generosity is on a whole other level. There is no other sight like it. It’s one of those things that you have to experience by living here. Everyone tries a little harder to be better Muslims and thus better humans.

If you think about it and study Islam, you will realize that being a Muslim automatically makes you a better human being. That’s the majority of our religion. It is to be better people, to ourselves, our parents, neighbors, relatives and the whole world.

This Ramzan has been different than the previous ones. I felt guilty, studying during the first half of the month, so I tried a little bit harder. I pushed myself to do a bit more.

It was also a very difficult month. Because almost everyday, I would wake up to another atrocious tragedy somewhere in the world. People being killed, Muslims being blamed as terrorists, so much hatred all around. And then Qatar became the next target. Amongst the whole political turmoil, everyone kept their head high and loved their Emir a little bit more. Because he took the high road.

I have prayed a lot for this country, these past few days. Although I very badly want to move on, a part of me will always call it home. And no one can see their home burn.

As Ramadan comes to an end, I can’t help but think if we will get the chance to see this month next year. Who knows where you and I will be ? The question is have we prepared for it. We tend to say that we don’t fear death. But what about the life after death ? Are our deeds good enough to land us in Jannah ? Can we stand straight and tell Allah Mian that we were good to His people ?