Book Review: My Feudal Lord

Finished reading My Feudal Lord by Tahmeena Durrani. I was actually waiting to read it but after finishing it I didn’t like it that much. Tahmeena has exposed the feudal system in Pakistan. Not that there was any need of doing that because people know how politics is. But then I guess not all of them do. Some of them are blinded by the fake promises that politicians make. In her autobiography, she has written about all the bad things that she herself did. The worse part is that after admitting that, she justified her misdoings. I don’t think that having an affair while married to a very nice guy is justifiable. How can you say that you fell for another guy because you never had a childhood and you only married your husband to get away from your mother? That you never really loved him. That it was just an illusion. Okay. We do wrong things all the time. But when we are accepting them, then there is no need to justify your actions. You know you did wrong. End of discussion.

She describes her 14 year marriage life period with Mustafa Khar as a very tragic experience. It is a story of corrupt politicians and their lives. How politics eats up families. How it destroys your relationships. Takes away your beliefs and in the end you are left with nothing. Politics is like this marsh in which you just go on and their is no way out. Its this addiction like alcohol or cigarettes.

But I have to say, the woman had great power to do what she did. To raise a voice among the people she lived in. Her journey began from Lahore, took her to the dirty streets of Kot Addu, then the country side of England, even in politics to save her husband, more like herself and it took her back to where it all had began, Lahore, the City Of Lights. She still remains the elegant, sophisticated and beautiful lady she once was.



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