Day 2.

My life is upside down.  I told mom that I don’t want to do medicine and she was not happy is the least of it. I don’t know what to do about it. I hoped that she would understand. I tried my best to make her understand. Becoming a doctor is her dream, not mine. She asked me then why did I chose Pre Medical. I didn’t how to answer her. We both knew the answer to that one. I think I did it because I am a coward and I was afraid to go make my own journey. And I ended choosing the subjects that my friends did. I am going to talk to dad about it. I am sure he will understand. He used to say, follow your dreams and your heart. Make your own destiny and your own paths. You don’t have to follow someone else’s paths.

I think when you have the potential to do  lot and when Allah gives you so much. Then a person does not regards those things and wastes it. I know that I have a lot of talents and I am capable of doing a lot. Alhumdulilah. I am not bragging. I just don’t know what to do with them. Its like I am wasting my life. I want to do something useful with it. Something bigger than being a doctor. Although I have no idea what profession I will choose, one thing I am sure about is that I want to be a writer and write a book someday. I want people to feel the passion in my writing. I want them to be inspired by it. Like today I am inspired by a lot of peoples writing. I don’t want people to pick up my book, read it and put it down. No, I want them to read it, feel the passion and inspiration, get up and do something positive and always remember the passion and inspiration they felt by reading my book. I think thats all for today.



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