Day 3, June 9, 2012. "Be The Moon"

Whenever I look out of my bathroom’s window, I see the moon smiling at me, sometimes giving me a wide grin, sometimes just a tiny smile. After having a bad day or a good one, when I look at the moon and its different faces, each one more beautiful than the other, I forget the entire bad day or I remember every single detail of the good one.

People say that the moon just looks beautiful from far, but when you go near it all you see is the ugliness, all the spots and bends in it. But thats not what I think. It depends on what you see and how you see it. I think that the moon is beautiful, inside out. Like all of us, it has its fall outs and back draws but thats what makes the moon what it is today, Pure and Beautiful.

You know, in ancient times, moon was used as a navigator. All the sailors and travelers used to find their way, whether at the sea or in the desert, because of the moon. It is said that you can never loose your way and get lost if you follow the moon. Whenever moon didn’t use to come out, all the sailors and travelers used to be lost. Moon was the torch and the light which showed them their way. They depended on the moon to come out and show them the way on dark nights.

We all are like a moon. We all depend on someone to show us the way. Whether it is happiness, success, trust, friendship, hope, belief or love. We don’t want to loose our way, so we follow our moon not to get lost in the darkness of the world. Thing is that simultaneously, we all are the moon too. We don’t know this but we are the moon for someone. Somewhere, someone depends on  us to give happiness, to share success, to trust and be trustworthy, to make friends and be a good friend, to hope, to believe in yourself and others. We will never get lost just like the sailors and travelers, if we all follow our moons. And we wouldn’t let someone else loose their way if we be the moon. So I say, Be The Navigator that shows someone the right path, Be The Light that gives someone hope, Be The Smile that lits up someones face, Be The Moon that makes someone believe. BE THE MOON.



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