Day 5, June 28, 2012. Keep going.


Once after Jacob had raged through my rooms like a tropical storm and destroyed most of what was important to me, my mother came up to commiserate. Deep down, he loves you, she told me.
How do you? I asked.
I don’t, she admitted. But its what I have to believe to keep going.
                                                                       -An excerpt from House Rules by Jodi Picoult.
Isn’t that happens to all of us? Sometimes in life you do not want but you are forced to believe things that keeps you going. That makes you stronger. You believe that someones loves you when that is not the case. You believe that that Marks and Spencer Cashmere Sweater looks good on you but actually burgundy looks horrible on you. You believe that you can get into Harvard but in truth you can not even apply for it. You believe that you can do it, that things are always shiny and bright and that life is a fairy tail when its actually not. But you have to do it because you do not want yourself to be hopeless. You do not want to wake up and realize that you lost. 
We all do it. Although at times we do not admit it. We hate to admit because it shows that we failed. But in my opinion failure is good sometimes. It actually shows that you are not perfect and that you do not always have to be good. You should always be who you are. People ask how do you do it? How do we all do it? I believed I could do MBBS and succeed in it but I know I cannot. I know its not what I was made for.
Like Theo, it takes a lot of compassion and courage to believe what is not true. When everything else fails, you have to believe what is not true but sometimes it becomes essential to do so. Sometimes that is all that keeps us going.

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