Day 6, Hindu-Muslim Marriages.

I watched Ishqzaade and did not like it like the rest of Indian movies. I never actually got to the end but did hear it from my brother. The 2 and a half hour movie turned into a half hour movie for me. Anyway, the movie was about two people, Parma and Zoya.One being a Hindu and the other Muslim. Their families are in politics and they hate each other. Perfect combination. So they fall inlove, their families do not accept them and they kill each other at the end. It was a typical Indian Soapy love story and how religion comes between it.

The point I want to highlight is the Hindu-Muslim marriage. Now thing is that in life, there are some things which are just wrong. And you know that they are wrong. Like a murder is a murder even if we call it revenge and we know its wrong. Similarly, adultery is wrong. Calling it seduction will not make it right. We can not question these things. Just like that this marriage is also wrong. Islam prohibits you from marrying in any other religion (generally speaking). So what other proof do you need? It is morally wrong and your religion says so. That is it. 
Religion is a persons belief.  It is your faith. It is you heart and soul in something. It is what you believe in. And if you are agreeing with this marriage, dude what were you believing in for the past twenty years? You just proved you do not have a belief or faith. And without your belief what are you?
Pakistan and India could not be one because their ideologies were different and still are. Hindus and Muslims could not be one because their faiths are different. Countries could not be one. Nations could not be one. How can you even expect that a Hindu-Muslim marriage will work? That does not mean that we can not be friends. It just means that friendship and marriage are two very different things. Religion does not always comes in between of friendship but it does in marriages.
And in situations like these, the people involved are like, our parents hate us. Why can not they accept us? They do not love us. They are so narrow minded and conservative. What they do not realize is that what their parents have been believing in for the past 50 years, their kids just shattered it. If they accept them, then that means that their belief was wrong. Their faith was wrong. And that their whole life has been a lie. They have been living a lie. 
In such marriages their culture, traditions, customs,beliefs etc do come between them. The unbreakable wall of love eventually shatters and you realize that the perfect story you wanted was all in your head. Because two people, two personalities, two traditions, two customs, two cultures, two beliefs, two religions who are different in every perspective imaginable can not be together. That is what our religion says and that is life.
I am a Muslim and without my faith and belief in Allah, I am nothing.

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