Day 8.

So my friend says that I whine a lot. She is always complaining about my whining. And I admit. Yes I whine. I whine a lot. It is stupid, irrational but I do it. I just wish I could be a sixth grader again or I could have the recklessness that I had back then. How I never gave a single thought about my actions because I was always confident that I am doing the right thing even if the means are wrong. Now I question myself every step of the way. I never gave a damn about no one backing me up on anything. I still don’t. I think that the greatest back up you can have is yourself and your courage. That is all you need to go for it. Believe in yourself. That is what I do even if sometimes I forget what I am made up of.

I finished reading Rising Tides and Inner Harbour which are the sequels to Sea Swept, all three by Nora Roberts. Sea Swept was the first book I read written by her. I did not like her. But then I rarely like romance and that also modern age. Not my thing. So the other two were also not very appealing, mainly because she never concluded the real story. But a few months back I read her books which she wrote under her pen name, J.D.Robb. Rapture In Death and some other that I cannot remember. And I have to say they were pretty good. I loved them. The story was so good, the characters were strong and I kept guessing till the end.

I am loving the new theme of my blog. I don’t why but I just love the splash of colours which is so not like me. I am more of a go for black kind of a person. Anyway, just watched White Collar and boy, I love it. Neal Caffrey is so handsome. He is in my list of Handsome Guys. Besides his acting is not all that bad. And when you throw in the bad boy factor, the Armani Vintage suits, his past of being a very renown thief of priceless art and antiquities, and the hats, the picture is too good for words. #

I am working on writing a short story. Wish me luck



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