Mirror Mirror, Movie And Wardrobe Review.

 The Queen: “Dwarfs? You said they were giants.”
 Prince Alcott: “Well. They were giant dwarfs.”

I am watching Mirror mirror. Why the hell didn’t I watched it before? I am loving it. The story starts with the queen (Julia Roberts) taunting the princess Snow White (Lilly Collins) on her 18th birthday for crashing a Royal Gala. Then Snow White visits the town and its people which she hasn’t visited since her fathers death many years ago. On her way, she finds two young man tied upside down in the forest, semi naked. That happens to be The Prince and his valet, who have been robbed by the dwarfs who use extensions to appear like giants. Snow White helps them free and moves on. She is moved by the condition of the people and the queen asking for more taxes to pay for her Royal Balls. Truth is the queen is broke. The Prince reaches the palace and the queen learns about his wealth decides to marry him despite the years of age difference between them. She throws a ball and Snow White crashes it. The Prince dances with her and is charmed by her beauty. The queen catches Snow White at the ball and punishes her and decides to kill her. But her caretaker sets her free in the woods and tell her to run for her life.

Snow White finds the dwarfs living quarters and the dwarfs let her stay with them after she makes them the hero in the eyes of the town people by stealing back the taxes from the caretaker and giving them back to the people. They teach Snow White to defend herself and to fight. She becomes a thief and they decide to rob the queen and her gold and give to the town people. In the forest she meets the prince again who is there to finish of the dwarfs and they fight. Snow White out wits him and wins, thus having the gold to herself. The Prince goes back to the queen, again semi naked. She learns about Snow White being still alive and decided to use her love potion on the prince, the same one which she used on Snow White’s father. The prince drinks it and becomes love struck. Now the humourous part is that the love potion is puppy love.

Snow White learns of the queens marriage to the prince alcott and is heart broken. The queen uses magic to bring about Snow White’s death. And then Snow White saves the lives of the dwarfs by cutting the ropes of the puppets that were sent to kill her. They crash the wedding and kidnap the prince. The dwarfs try all kinds of methods to remove the spells but nothing works. What was different about the movie than an ordinary fairytale was that Snow White kisses the prince and the spell is broken. And then she decides to change the ending of every fairy tale where the prince saves the princess. She decides to fight the beast which is their for her. The prince and the dwarfs fight with Snow White and they find that the beast is infact her father, the late king who was trapped in a spell. Now the queen repays for using magic by losing her beauty and growing old. The kingdom returns to its glory and dancing days. Snow White marries the Prince Alcott and on her wedding day, the queen comes looking like an old lady and offers her a poisoned apple, Snow White refrains from eating it and says: Age over beauty. You should know when you have lost.

I loved this movie because the acting was amazing. Julia Roberts is one of my favourite actresses and I had no doubt about her acting but what amazed me was Lily Collins and Armie Hammer’s acting. They were superb. The dialogues were good and sarcastic. The story was different than the original fairytale. It was fun watching the remake of such a beautiful fairy tale. Another reason I watched it was because of the elaborate and  breathtakingly  beautiful. 

Here is the link I watched it from:

These were the costumes of the queen. If I would have been born in 19th century, I would have definitely wore all of them. My favourite is the last white one. All the dresses are by Swarovski Crystals.



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