Ramadan The Month Of Blessings.

Ramadan! What to say about the greatest month in the year. The month of peace, calm and piousness. The month where everyone is on their best behaviour. Where all the Muslims fast all day, not only by food but also by tongue, by their actions and their words. We all hope that at the end of the day, our fasting will be accepted by Allah. We all try our best to help others and to be as kind as possible.

Ramadan is divided in three parts, the first ten days call the Ashra are known as the days of Mercy (Rahma). The second ten days as the days of Forgiveness (Magfirah). And the last ten days as Salvation from Hell.

Ramadan is that chance which enables us to have clean slate and have all our sins forgiven by Allah. It is upto us to make sure that we begin our lives as a better practicing Muslim and a better person. It is the month where everyone thinks alike and people forgive each other because they think about the forgiveness of Allah. We all try to do good deeds so our offerings be accepted. Everywhere there is an air of peace and mercy.

May Allah accept our fasting and make us a better person in all aspects.



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