Human Beings First.

A few days back, I went to a Pakistani restaurant with a bunch of friends. We were sitting their for like 15 minutes and nobody has asked for our order because all the waiters were very busy. We were talking and just having fun. But one of my friends got pissed at waiting for so long. When the waiter came
 He says,”Could you be a anymore late?” His tone was so offensive and rude.
 The waiter says,”Sorry sir, its a house full. Thats is why.
 “And its my fault. Whatever. Just take the order and try to be a little early this time which I know you can’t do.”
“Yes. Sir. ” He took our order and went away.
I was shocked. I was like, “Dude what was that? He is old enough to be your grandfather. Show some respect. It is not his fault that you are sitting in the chair and he is the one serving and not the other way around.”
“Yeah, like he could ever be my grandfather.”
“Its bad enough that he has to serve a bunch a brats like you and then tolerate your filthy shit too.”
“He is a waiter”
“He is a human being first and older than you”
“Whatever. Sumaica, stop acting like an Amma Jee”

Then the waiter comes and starts setting up and I couldn’t tolerate a person my grand dad’s age serving me. So I take the dinner plates from him and set up myself and give him an assuring smile. He smiles back and leaves.

That got me thinking. This is not a new thing. We are so dependent on our servants. You will hear the chanter in a normal house. Shaista, polish my shoes. Asma, for Gods sake, this is what you call cleaning. Fahmeeda, I asked you for water an hour ago. And it goes on and on and on. But we treat them so badly. We treat them as if we own them. It could have been us instead of them polishing someone else shoes and cleaning houses for a living. Just because they pick up our trash does not gives us the right to treat them like our slaves.

Once our family friends came to our house and their maid was with them. So I served them drinks and obviously the maid too. I served them all in the same glasses. And Aunty goes like, what are you doing? Give her a plastic cup, not the flutes. She is a maid. As if she was clarifying something.

We all need to understand that they are human beings first and they work just like all of us to earn a living. If we can not treat them like ourselves, atleast treat them like humans. In some houses, servants are treated as animals. And everyone is like, do not eat in that plate. It is the maids. As if I will get AIDS by touching or eating in her plate.

 Stop discriminating. We talk a lot but we do not act. It is time we start acting in our homes and actually mean what we say. Stop treating them like slaves and animals.



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