Night or Day.

Nowadays, it is Ramadan and ofcourse our routine is walking backwards. We have been sleeping all mornings and have been up all night for the past five days. This is how me and my siblings are passing our fast and conquering the world. My dad being a very punctual and a routine follower was amazed at this. Last night, he said that kids, nights are for sleeping and days are for doing whatever you want. 500 years ago people used to sleep at nights and work in the days, today people do the same and I assure you that even after 500 years, life will go on like this. I know you guys love the idea of staying awake at night but you are just hurting your bodies and gaining no benefit. Thursdays are your night out but that does not mean that everyday has to be one. You have got to achieve bigger things in life and you guys can’t seem to have control over your own bodies. Life doesn’t works like this. I know you people are the new generation and living in the moment is your motto. But you have to do things to be able to enjoy your life in the moment. 

I realized he is right. I do not have control over my mind. I have already missed 4 dental appointments because I was unable to wake up. I am awake at 8:30 in the morning enjoying the blistering heat of July in Qatar and wishing that I should have stayed in Dubai. But that is how life works. Or atleast mine does. 
I don’t know how many days my so called routine is going to work but I hope that for once I actually stay put. And sleep at night. 

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