Is Money More Important Than Family?

Is money more important than family? I am forced to ask this question to myself again and again. I know the answer but unfortunately for me the world does not agree. I have always taken money as a secondary thing. You have it one day and you don’t the other. Where as family is always there. It is your bone and blood. It is your backbone and without a backbone you will be crippled.

My family became a victim of this hunger too. Three years back, my uncle (Khala’s husband) started giving more importance to money. He did a lot of things and all bad. He made my Mamo’s (Uncle’s) life miserable. All after money and power. Today he is the owner of Shaheen Chemists, the top pharmaceuticals  in Islamabad. But four times in the past 3 years, his car has been stolen out of his guarded and camera’s secured house. He has all the money and power in the world but he doesn’t have happiness. His kids don’t even want to talk to him despite living in the same house. And the eldest is only 16. The only reason we didn’t come into this whole mess was because we live here in Qatar.

You have a BMW in the garage, Givenchy Play on your dressing table, custom made Louis Vuitton suits in your walking closet, you are throwing a poolside party. People come in their Mercedes, BMWs, Range Rovers, wearing all their finery and riches. They talk about money, power, how to obtain more of it and then leave. There is nobody to tell you that the flowers are not as fresh as found in your mom’s garden. That I want to eat more Cheese Cake. That can you please pack some food for me. That the Italian Cuisine was not as good as your desi food. There is no one to break a glass. You have all the riches in the world but no one to share it with. No one to praise it. No one to have fun with.

In that moment you are so blind. The hunger for more money, power have sucked the happiness and joy out of your life like a leech. At the end you have everything, yet nothing. You stand alone at the end of the journey, we call life. The choice is in your hands. Do you want to walk or be a cripple forever? Family or money? Just remember one thing, money may not be there when family is not, but family will ALWAYS be there when money is not.



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