Guy Got Scammed.

My eldest brother’s friend went to Pakistan. He was going after a long time, almost 6 years. Now this guy thinks that he is very MATURE and he is a Know It All Guy. This is his story in my words. His flight lands on the Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore. He exits the plane and then reaches the first check in counter. He checks in. And moves on to the next counter. Suddenly a person comes up and says:

 “Bhai Saab, Airport tax diya hain app nay” 
(Brother, Have you given the Airport tax)
“Ji, Airport Tax??? Kia matlab?)
(Airport tax? What tax?)

” Saab Ji, tax daina parta hain. App ko bhi daina paray ga”
(Sir, everyone gives the tax. You have to give it too.)

“Acha per ye tax hain kis cheez ka?”
(Okay. But what is this tax for?)

“Sir Ji, Airport par land karnay ka tax hain. Zardari nay lagaya hain.”
(Sir, It is for landing on the airport. Zardari has issued it)

“Acha, khair. Kitna daina hain tax” 
(Okay. How much do I have to give?)
And that stupid idiot takes out his wallet in front of that person. 
Saab ji, wesay tu bahar say aanay walo ka 10 hazar hain. Liken app 5 hazar daye dain.”
(Sir. A person who comes from abroad has to give 10,000 rupees. But you can give 5000.)

“Acha,per meray pass Pakistani Rupees nahi hain”
(Okay. But I don’t have Pakistani rupees)

“Saab ji, Riyal hi day dain”
(Sir. No problem. Give us Riyals)

“Chalo theek hain.Kitnay riyals huain”
(Okay. How much?)

“500 Riyals saab ji”
(It would be 500 riyals)
So he takes out the money and give it to the man without a single doubt in his mind. After spending some time in Lahore, he went to Karachi and again on the Airport he gave the so called Airport Tax. Even then he didn’t think that its fishy. But when he was coming back to Qatar from Lahore, the same person asked for the tax again. He gave it to him but he asked his Uncle and Uncle was like, dude you have just been scammed. There is no such thing as airport tax. 
He was telling us about it and we all were laughing like lunatics. He gave 500 QRs as airport tax. That is not a small amount. And now his image of being very CLEVER is ruined. Tuh Tuh Tuh. I actually felt bad for him but not for a second then I remembered all those times when he pretended to be clever and superior to me. 
Moral Of The Story: Never underestimate others. And never think of yourself as the superior. You do not know everything.


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