The Dilemma Of Grocery Shopping.

Imagine when you are woken up from your deep beauty sleep at 2 in the blistering heat of afternoon and told that its your turn to go grocery shopping. Yeah. It happened with me. At first I thought that some devil is joking with me but it was my mother. For ten minutes I simply gathered my bearings and thought about the hurricane that awaited me. Then I got up from my bed and made it to the bathroom. After getting ready which included wearing Abaya and grabbing my Blackberry, I raced outside to join my dear daddy in the car. The 15 minutes were so peaceful and I thought about staying there forever.

I got out and entered the hyper market. During all this, my mind was filled with the list, cucumbers…tomatoes…milk…bread…yoghurt…chillies…strawberries…etc. Moving along the aisles, I just dumpeverything in the trolley. And I am fighting my way through a sea of people mostly bachlors walking aimlessly. Cereal, check. Nutella, check. Noodles, check. Bread, check. And it goes on. My eyes are still not fully open and I do not want them to open. Because Uptill now, I am just having a horrible nightmare but then I will be forced to live it. Shudders. I just grab everything I can think of and asks my dad to pay. He says, sumaica did you get the 7up and the shampoo and this and that? I got everything dad. Let us just go.

I arrive home with every bone in my body which is a miracle dispite all the torture I went through. Then it hits me. I have been played.  It wasn’t even my turn to go shopping. It was my younger brothers turn. He took advantage of my mental sleeping state.

How do people do this? According to a survey conducted by Sumaica Asad in 2012, 7 out of every 8 teenager hate grocery shopping. See, the torture we have to go through. Personally, if parents want to punish their kids, send them grocery shopping. They will never disobey you again.  A friend of mind likes grocery shopping and I am still figuring out why? Nobody likes to shop for cereals, grains, rice, whatever the hell people buy.

It is torture. You have to give up whatever most important thing you are doing. Then you have to get ready. Then you have to weave around people. Then you have to push around a stupid trolley. Then you have to find everything on the list. If by any luck you have a list. And you always and I repeat ALWAYS forget something to buy.

I never ever want to go grocery shopping again.



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