Screw Life Or It Will Screw You.

You are walking on the road going to a place that you want of our choice, all of a sudden the road divides into two turns. You know that your choice lies at the right turn but when you start going there you see that there is a huge boulder blocking your way and you do not see any other way to take that turn. Now you do not have a choice but to take the left turn. You stand there thinking where did your choice go? Where did your will go? You were suppose to be the one making your own decisions and choices but now somebody else is doing that for you and you have no choice but to take the left turn and end up somewhere you do not want.

We all like to think that in this life we ourselves do everything. That we live on the motto “Freedom of Choice”. When infact there are times that even we do not have that choice. Sometimes it just is not there or you do not see it.

Life is like an apple pie. Sometimes you want to put pears in it instead of apples but it forces you to put apples because it is an apple pie not a pear pie. At the end you do not know whether putting pears in an apple pie will make it more tastier or will ruin it. You still have a choice in choosing apples or pears. But you know that you have to choose apples. You do not want to risk making a disgusting pie. You want a delicious one. But what if you make a disgusting pie and you love it? What if you love it the way it is? Burned from the edges and pears all gooey?

You know what I say? I say to hell with it all. You want to put pears. Do it. You want to take the wrong turn. Take it. You want to have a messy room. Have it. You want to wear black all the time. Wear it. You want to be a punk. Be it. Be who you are. Do what you want.

At the end of the day only you yourself will care of what you do, what you eat, what you wear or whatever you are. So it is better to be who you want then to be what life wants you to be. Screw life because otherwise life will screw you and you certainly do not want to end up without a choice.

Do not let life give you a choice. Instead give life a choice.



2 thoughts on “Screw Life Or It Will Screw You.

  1. This is just amazing. I loved the way you described everything. But do u think that it will work practically? Do you think making wrong turns when you know that they are wrong will make them right?
    God gave us brain to think and to ponder. The apple pie is called APPLE because of APPLE in it likewise we should choose something in life which can be our option.
    The way we can't choose the option not present in MCQ paper likewise it's not possible to choose the different path.

    BUT YES! we should SCREW LIFE in some other ways!:D


  2. Thank you. It means a lot. That's just it. Isn't it ? I mean it is not practical. Not all the time. Being a punk or having a messy room. These are just small things. When it comes to bigger decisions, you do not always have the liberty to choose what you want.
    People always say, follow your heart. But I don't believe that. Our heart is not always right. That is what we have brains for.
    So at the end of the day, we can screw life in some ways but in others we need to choose what is right.


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