It’s Too Damn Hot.

Wake up, go to the bathroom, open the tap and burn your face with the HOT water. Step outside for a second in our porch and be burned by the scorching heat of summer that we are living in. Sit in the car, it is hot. It is like everything is hot. Literally everything. All I can think about is cold water, PJ’s, ice creams, and winter, winter, winter.

I wish I could be a lolly and live in a freezer. I would come in so many different colours. Red, blue, yellow, green and even black. I want to eat a black lolly. I have never had one. Or be a Baskin Robbins ice cream. I could be snow in Antartica or hot black coffee in countries that are cold. I wish we all could be like birds so we could migrate in summers and come back in winters. Problem solved. But life is not so easy.

Advice people are giving to each other and I am going to give it you. Drink loads of lemonade. All kinds of punches. Pinapple punch, mango punch, strawberry lemonade. Just make simple lemonade and you can add any kind of fruit in it to enhance its taste and not get sick of drinking the same lemonade every day.

Okay. People, here are my warnings. And helpful suggestions.

  • Do not step inside a room which does not have AC on for the past hour.
  • Do not step outside of your house or you are danger of either getting a black tan or being scorched. If you like sun burns then its fine to step outside.
  • Open the tap and use the the water for the first minute otherwise you will be torture by boiling water.
  • Do not sit in a car which has been standing idol for the whole day.
  • Do not wear your hair down. You will end up with frizzy yucky hair.
  • Do not wear jeans because honestly it is summer.
  • Roam around in your house in PJ’s. It is the most comfortable clothing. Trust me, I speak from experience.
  • When somebody asks you to do something, just make an excuse of how HOT it is.

Okay. That is all for now. It is my humble request to the dear not so adorable sun to come out a little less. And you do not have to shine and shower your energy on us. We are fine with less energy. Please give your brothers like clouds more chance to come out and shower us with their blessing i.e.rain. If you do, I promise I won’t whine so much.



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