It Is Just A Word.

Sometimes saying sorry does not mean you are wrong. It means you value your relationship more than your ego. -Unknown

SORRY. One word. Five letters. Yet this one word is so hard to say for some people. This one word has ruined lives, broken marriages,  forgotten friendships and just lost the value of relationships. Husbands do not say sorry because of their macho man ego. Wives do not do it stubbornly waiting for the husbands to do so. Friends forget their years of friendship, the memories that they have shared together. Families do not talk to each other. Friends become strangers. You walk past them without noticing their presence. Just because of a single word. In this ego match, other people are also affected.

Think of it like this. Sorry is like this peace contract. Just sign it and everything will fall into place. It is like this bitter chocolate that you have to eat it and you will feel the warmth. It is like a heart breaking video, just watch it and there is a happy ending. It is like medicine for your bruises and for the others too. You will feel the sting for a while but the after effect and relief will be all worth it.

 You do not need to bake huge cakes, cook elaborate dinners, buy chocolates and huge bouquets or empty your credit card. Just say an apology straight from the heart and mean it. Do it before it is too late. You may be able to renew your ego but you will not be able to renew friendships, marriages, relationships etc.

Truth is saying sorry does not mean you are wrong. Sometimes it means that you love and care about the other person. That you do not want to loose them. What is ego infront of years of friendship, decades of trust of marriages, generations of family bonding? Ask yourself, is it worth it? Having a bruised ego is better than having a ruined life.



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