Forgive And Forget. Part 2. To Hell With It.

TO HELL WITH IT ALL. Seriously, you will feel the pain and at times you will choke over things. You will stop and blink and wonder what could have been? You will feel like crying at all times. You will feel like your life has been destroyed. At first you will not believe it. Then you will cry like a baby. Then at times you will curse them. You will plan revenge. You will feel the anger. You will blame yourself for their actions. You will take out your anger on others.

 But it will get better. Your wound will stop bleeding. And then it will heal. The pain and hurt will eventually go away. There will be a time when you will be yourself again. You will say, yaar it is a long story. Someday you will tell your kids about it. You will tell a stranger about it and it will stop mattering to you.

The best part is that as time goes by, karma will take care of it all. Remember Allah is always there. He will take care of things for you. You will watch as they get a piece of their own medicine. You will not enjoy it. You will want it to stop but it will all make you feel better. You will look back and realize that what you did was right. If you had not forgiven them, then today there would be no difference between the two of you. You will learn from the experience and hope that you never do anything like that to someone. 

It is in your hands to move on. It depends on you to forgive them. Move on. Let it go. Hold on to the good times. Life is beautiful. It still will be without all them. Just believe in it and let go.

P.S. You go through all this drama and at the end you are like, What The Hell? I wasted so much of my precious time.



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