Expectations !

When my mom got married, the first thing that my dad ever said to her was, “EXPECTATIONS KILLS RELATIONS”.

It is true. It is not very romantic but it is a very good advice. We live our life expecting different things from people when deep down in our hearts we know that we will not get it. And when you expect something you ruin not only your life but the person that you expect from, his too. You know how we all expect rain when it is monsoon season and there are clouds in the sky. Sometimes it rains but sometimes it does not. And end result is that we all are disappointed. Expectations are like that. Sometimes they are fulfilled but sometimes they do not.

In life we expect more than we deserve or more than the other person can deliver. Every parents expects his or her child to top in every class, couples expect each other to be perfect, friends expect friends to give up everything for them. And the expectations go on and on. What we fail to realise is that what we have  is perfect enough. Your average kid should be the topper in your eyes, your partner wearing the wrong shirt is the hero for you, your friend who gives up a class is yours.

In this cycle of expectations, you just go round and round and round. And the cycle never ends. We all just keep on taking that ride instead of getting off it. It is time that we all stop enjoying that ride. So stop living for expectations towards yourself or living your life within expectations for others. You will see life differently.


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