My Pen Is Silent !


My pen is silent. I am silent. I don’t know what to write. Maybe it is because I still can not process the fact that one second you know someone and the next you hear that they are gone. You blink your eye and the people you fought with or teased are no more there. Death is what takes them away from you forever. And you are just left with their pictures and things to look back and remember those moments. They go but they leave behind a void no one can ever fill. Everyone forgets them after awhile, remembering them on friends get together or  a reunion but their family never does. Every step of the way, a mom always hope that her son will return. A sister thinks that her brother will get her the doll. The father imagines his son taking his place and being his right hand. But that never happens. Because the person who was suppose to do that is gone. The candles have been blown out.

Two days ago four guys passed away in a car accident on the spot in Jeddah. I knew all four of them and two of them were our family friends. Shehab Chaudhry and Shahbeez Shaukat. I used to call Shehab Motto (Fat) and say that he is like that because his dad owns a sweet shop and he is always there eating sweets. Shahbeez, his mom never even let him out of his sight. He was an only and adopted kid. He used to call her before stepping out of his house to let her know. He only had permission to come to our house.  He was very bad in studies. I absolutely hated Shahbeez dressing, always saying that you dress like you just came from a village. They redecorated their house. And his room was painted yellow and bright pink. I stood there making fun of him and calling him a girl.  I used to tease them so much. They were both older than me, yet I acted as if they are younger than me. Its been 6 years since I even saw them. When I was moving Shehab said, chalo one crazy girl is going to be less in this country. Now it is one crazy boy less in that country. So many memories and yet they will remain so.

I know that all I can do is pray for them. I am silent.  Four families were destroyed in one second. Four house holds will always be silent wishing, hoping and praying for these guys to come back. Their mothers will look their way. They will never be the same again. My words are nothing in front of their pain. And only they know the loss that they have suffered. Death leaves a heartache no one can cure. I pray for them that may Allah give their families the patience to endure such pain.



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