A Page From My Diary !

I was cleaning my cupboard and I found a very old diary of mine with just the following lines

Dear Diary
Men in our society are so dominant and I hate it. What happened to equality? They want everything to be done their way. The minute you say something against their will, they will swell up with anger just by the fact that a girl shared her opinion. And I am not talking about the poor people. I am talking about the educated people. People who hold Master degrees, PhD etc. Yet at the end of they day their thinking is no different than a common poor villager. What is the difference between the two?

I have realised that driving a Mercedes or having a PhD doesn’t changed your way of thinking. Don’t agree with a guy on something and the next minute you will hear yourself being given the title of Miss Attitude.

Whether its an Asian or an American, the cast, creed and colour does not matter when it comes to being dominant. Every guys macho man ego comes out the second you try to argue your point of view into the conversation. It turns from a simple argument to a huge fight where the guy is supposedly always right in his opinion.

Guys always expect girls to agree with them all the time. And just nod their heads when asked for something. Unfortunately for them, sometimes 1 out of a hundred a girl is born like me. Who does not care if her opinion hurts the macho man ego. It helps a lot to bring their ego from the seventh sky, back to earth where it belongs.

We can’t change any ones thinking but we can change the way we deal with it. My dad always says that punching people isn’t always a perfect solution. Meaning that arguing your point isn’t always best. Sometimes you have to analyse the situation and then proceed. Using your sweet girl charm always helps. Although that is so not my thing but whatever gets the work done.

Sometimes people leave surprised or more like shocked by their mentality. We, girls should know that we have the power. We just don’t know how to use it. So it is time to believe in yourself and use your power. What I have learnt is that Allah gave us two ears. One to listen things from and the other to through out all the crap. So don’t take anything to your heart and recycle your brain by throwing out all the garbage.


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