The Girl With The Words – Speechless

 Thursday. September 20, 2012.

You know when your day suddenly goes from normal to emotionally priceless day that you can never ever forget.Today was “THE” day. I really can’t describe today but I will try my best. So, I have been nominated for the Head Girl of the school, along with three others. And we have been campaigning since last week. Today, while going for the morning assembly, someone handed me these circulars which had this written on it.

Then in break the real fun started. The other section started this walk for their candidates. So my class also went for it. We were doing it for our class but all of a sudden the chanting went from 2nd year A to Sumaica. When we went upstairs in the younger classes corridors, each and every girl, from 5th to eight was hanging from their class windows or in the corridors with us, chanting Sumaica, Sumaica, Sumaica. I didn’t even know the name of the girl next to me, let alone the others. The next minute I see, some of us are standing on this bench and our opponents are in a bench opposite to us. People just keep coming to me, shaking my hand and yelling my name. I didn’t even know what to say to them. I was so shocked and amazed to see so many people there. Imagine a thousand girls shouting and screaming your name and you are standing their, grinning like an idiot, wanting so bad to cry and just speechless. I am the one with the words, yet I was left speechless today.

A girl grabs my hand and taking me aside tells me that you know your opponents are spreading rumours about you being rude and all and you lost some of your votes.  Then some other girls come up to me and say that, your whole wing is with you and Inshallah you will win. Even if by chance you don’t win, you are our Head Girl and you always will be. That moment was priceless for me. And I realised that this is all I wanted. That maybe somewhere in there I did something good that today not only my class but somehow the whole wing not only stands by me but also believes in me. I am glad, I never gave up on anything.

Then we moved from the bench to the canopy in the middle of our wing and this huge crowd is screaming with madness. And all I can think of is how lucky I am to be here. To be who I am.  Afterwards girls were giving me cards with “You are the princess” and God knows what else written on it. There was this one girl who was so crazy, she had covered her hands with my name and made others do it too. And while I was attending my extra classes, she sat outside my class and made fliers for two hours.

 I have realised that when you set your mind to do something, all you need is will and determination to do it. Someone asked me that, is your whole class voting for you and I replied, yes ofcourse. She was like, how come ? I replied, I spent 5 years developing unity in my class and proving that we are the best. This is my hard work paying off. This is for all those times I stood by them and believed in them and I know, on the way even annoyed them but I became their true classmate.

I never thought I will find this kind of love in this school. To be honest I never liked it much and didn’t pay heed to it. But I know that success can come from the smallest of the things. Now I know that I don’t need the votes to win. For me, I have already won. This was my win. Sumaica Asad, today was truly your day.

P.S. Dedicated to my awesome class, 2nd year A and then to each and every girl who is crazy enough to believe in me.



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