Greatness Lies Within

There are two kinds of people in this world. One who remember other people. The other who are remembered by other people. Decide which are you ? Or which do you want to be ? Do you want the world to remember you ? Do you want your name to go down in history as that girl who did this great thing ? Do you want kids to remember your name and learn about you fifty years from now ? Even if that kid is your own grandchild.

History does not keep record of each and every person that have lived. Only those who make a mark on it. Whether that mark is big or small. Whether it is negative or positive. Hitler is remembered for being the worst dictator and for destruction of thousands of lives. His name is synonym with fear and death. On the other hand, Gandhi and Quaid-e-Azam are remembered as freedom fighters. A soldiers of peace and unity. They sacrificed their lives doing what they believed in. So everybody has his or her place in this world and that is how history remembers you.

Remembering people is easy but being remembered is the hard part. The key to being remembered is to do great things. And by great it is not meant that you do great things. Greatness lies in the little things we do. Like removing a tone or a branch of tree. Or feeding a beggar.  Giving your crayons to some other kids to use. You never know that the branch you removed, saved somebody’s life. The scenery that kid made with your crayon brought a smile to the kids widow mother.

Sometimes we fail to recognise the greatness that is ourselves. We fail to recognise our own actions.  But we should remember that greatness lies withing ourselves. And in our actions. Somewhere somebody will remember your small deed and treasure it for the rest of his life.



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