Is This Right ?

Why is it that we feel for fictional characters? We feel the pain and the joy of the characters in a movie or a TV show. As time passes by we get attached to them. We start living our lives with them. They become a part of our lives. Their joys and griefs become our joys and griefs. We cry at their funerals and their wedding.  But sometimes we do not feel for the real people. I don know why but we just don’t. They become our friends and they becomes our enemies. We curse over someone cheating on their partner and we want to punch them. We celebrate their Birthday in the schools bus (Yes, I celebrated Ian Somerhalder’s B’day in the school bus. Not one o my proudest moments. And it was NOT my idea). We comment on their clothes. Their lives become our lives.

Somehow we relate to those characters and they become more attached to us then the real people in our lives. Maybe it is because we expect a lot from the people in our lives and we cannot face disappointment. Or its just that they are not that beautiful. Maybe its because the image that we have created of them in our minds shatters and we have to see those people for who they really are. Not for what we thought they were.

There are so many times that I have loved book characters and related with them. I feel as if somehow I can understand who they really are but not understand who the real people are. If that even makes sense. Because it is just really hard to figure people out. People are mean. Down right mean. I am just talking in a general sense. Its like one minute you praising them and the next you will be like, you did not just say that. Because it totally ruined your image in my eyes. I know that at times I myself might have done the same thing to people and I hope they didn’t curse me. Sorry people.

Despite all that, you need real people in your life. Their meanness and other not so good qualities kind f balances your life and makes it more real. Otherwise I would think that I am living in books or movies. When someone asked me what would you wish for if you had the chance ? And I replied, a day in one of my favourite book. I was like 10 and I got this super weird and annoyed look from that aunt because she thought I would say like dolls or clothes or something. I guess I am too much of a bibliophile. So just be grateful that you have mean people in your lives.

P.S.I cannot believe I went from emotional drama to downright mean myself.


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