It Is A Shooting Star

I remember being little and looking at the sky. Its always been one of the best things in my life. It has always fascinated me and I wondered how could something so dark and mysterious hold so much beauty and meaning in it.

I remember I was 7 or 8 years old and we were in Pakistan. My mom, my cousin and I were sitting on the porch stairs. They were talking and all of a sudden there was this silver thing that passed over the sky like lightening. It was beautiful and fast and it left silvery sparks behind like leaving some kind of momento for you to look over and remember forever. I asked my mom what it was and she said, Sumaica, it is a shooting star. They are very rare and only special people get to witness them so if you see them, know that you are very special. She also said that Sumaica, life is also like a shooting star, it is very fast and once it goes, it never comes back. So make sure that you live your life like no one else and be a person that you yourself will be proud of one day. And I said to her, I just want to know what it does. And she said that it gives you hope that there are unexpected Β things in life which are good just like a shooting star, so don’t worry life is not one train ride.

I don’t know if I am that myself. I don’t think any one of us knows if we are that person. But I think that everyday we try to be a better person and sometimes we forget the promises that we made to ourselves. I feel as if at times, we get lost in helping others and forget that we need to help ourselves too.

Teeba said to me that why is it that there are so less stars in the sky these days ? Back when we were little, the sky used to be filled with stars. It used to be a magical kingdom. And I said, maybe its because they do not like to see who the human race has become. Like we don’t like to live in a polluted area because it smells or its injurious, just like that our evil and bad deeds are keeping the stars away.

I have always heard people say that whenever you see a shooting star, wish for your deepest desires from the bottom of your heart and they will come true. I don’t believe in these things but you can always try to materialise your wish yourself instead of asking someone else. Be your own genie.



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