Friendship Came As A Girl

I ask myself, what this school gave me and my heart whispers, friendsfriendsfriends.
Friends are rain, which makes you happy and full of life.
Friends are the voice in your head which says tomorrow is going to be fun.
Friends are thumbs, your whole school life is of no use without them.
Friends are people who eat your lunch and you starve all day.
Friends are people who have seen you at the bottom of a giant pit and at the heights of Mount Everest.

Friendship came in unexpected ways, at unexpected times and touched the deepest corners of my heart.


  • A girl who is 4’9. 
  • Someone who eats my lunch all the time and even ties my laces. 
  • her signature is her hair in her face.
  • the face I search for on entering the classroom.
  • a girl who agrees to disagree with me in every single matter.
  • someone who wouldn’t think twice before giving me her dearest things, her books.
  • someone who knows me better than I know myself at times.

She and I polar opposite but at the same time we are as similar as two chocolate chip cookies. Two halves of a single soul. You are my significant other, my best friend, the sister I never had and never wanted.

When I look at you, I am reminded of my favourite book, I remember cherishing each and every word it had to say, that moment when I closed that book, tears streaming down my face, because just like that book, you will forever remain in my heart.

So friend, I would like you to know:

  • You are the engine to my Bugatti
  • You are the cherry to my pie
  • the smile I cannot replace
  • the chocolate to my sorrows
  • the coffee to my crappy mornings
  • Cheesecake to my good old Biryani
  • prologue to the book that I will write someday
  • punchbag to my anger
  • You are my flame in the dark
  • You are that one star on the night sky which says, I will be there if no one else is.

Friends are like pearls on a necklace, as each pearl has its individual radiance so does every single friend.

Friendship blossoms like dandelions in an orchard.

Friends light your days like the sun glowing on an afternoon sky.

I consider myself the richest girl alive, I may not own Jimmy Choo heels, Gucci handbags or hundreds of silk dresses but I have you all as my friends and that is all I can ever ask for.

Friends are my strength, my arms, my legs, my heart and my soul.

So lets hold our hands and make a promise, together as we step into the future that we’ll do our best to be our best as we have been with each other.

                                                                               -By Muteeba Fayyaz and Sumaica Asad

P.S. This is what me and my friend wrote for our spoken word poetry. We would like to dedicate this to all the friends that we made in our lives and the ones we will make in the time to come. Special dedication to the four hooligans in our lives, Nadiya Siddique, Huma Nabeel, Ghina Haroon and Misbah Malik. Thank you ! Simply for being our friends. You guys are love. 


That One Moment

It was our 2nd year farewell a few days back. And it went perfect. Well, almost perfect. Things seem to shake up a little bit when we as in me and my friends are the ones doing everything. I guess its the way we work or the ideas we materialise.

Me and Muteeba had decided to do Spoken Word Poetry inspired by Sarah Kay. Honestly, we have never done anything together. Never. Ever. In the past six years that we have been friends, we have taken a lot of sides, fought fights, stood up for people, done things but never really done anything for ourselves. Just the two of us against the world. Or something. We never had a chance and we never made one. So we thought that we should perfect a moment that will portray our friendship for the rest of our lives. And I can proudly say that we succeeded.

Believe me, a confident person like me was about to give up. Because I sucked that much while practising. We had one day to practise it and it was going very bad. Very very bad. But all that did not matter on the stage. I was there with the one person who has truly defined friendship for me. So everything else just vanished. I felt like it was complete. It was perfect. At least for me it was. And I kept thinking that this is the first and last time I am doing this with her. We did it, with the mistakes that only we know, with similes in every sentence and with the friendship that we have shared for so many years. That moment I realise that I had done something right in my life to be blessed with such an amazing friend. That day I was truly grateful for what I have.

I feel like I never really got to beat somebody up for making fun of her or something. I did get to do that for others but never really her. You know, feel your blood rushing to your face for punching someone who had just insulted your best friend. Never really got to do that. Do not get me wrong. We have always had each others back. That is not even for anyone to question. But something was missing and we found that. Because we were on the stage doing a combination of all the things that we love. Words, poetry, books, writing, similes, chocolate, food, horses and most of all friendship. These are just a few. But that one moment was beyond perfect for me.

P.S. Muteeba, if life ever gives me a chance to punch someone for you, I promise I will. Although you would probably have had that person onto his knees by then.


When I Was In 2nd Grade

When I was in second grade, I had a Math teacher. She was just love. I do not even remember her name but I do remember her awesomeness. I remember the way she used to flip her hair and that boots she wore that told you from a mile that she was coming. In her class, my hand always used to shoot up just like Hermione’s. My mom told me that I used to hold her finger tight in my hand and never used to let it go

Unfortunately, our teacher got changed and she started teaching some other section. I tried liking the new teacher but it just didn’t work. So I went up to her and said that I do not like the new teacher. She should come back etc. And I started crying. She wiped away my tears and said,

“Sumaica, you know tears are actually your energy. So whenever you cry, you are wasting your energy. And you, you are a horse. You have so many races ahead of you that you have to win. You cannot afford to waste one bit of that energy of yours.”

By now I was hooked up and her words were leaving an impression on my mind. She continued,

“And maybe the new teacher is not like me. But someday you will get a teacher who will be better than me. And then you will get to see a part of me in her. Because every teacher like every parent is the same at heart.”

I am not even in contact with her anymore. But I want her to know. Ma’am, your horse has grown up. She is winning her races. She lost some as well. But she says, if not this one, then the other. She has learnt not to waste her energy, just like you told her. And yes, she did find teachers who were better than you. But nobody was you. She saw your reflection in the teachers that taught her. And your words still echo in her mind from time to time.


Anger – An Impulse

It was 5th grade and I was merely 10 years old. But my anger had always been very impulsive and I had a tendency to take it out on people. I never meant to but that is how it was. Somehow I used to lose my thinking capability. My brain used to shut down and hormones came over it. I said things I never meant. Sometimes that still happens. But now it is very rare. I remember once I was shouting at someone over something and my gym teacher saw that. He said to me that, Sumaica, take your anger physically out on non living things rather than actual people. So that whole year whenever something used to piss me off, I use to go to the gym and work out. Whatever work out a 10 year old can do. But my point is that it took 15 minutes of physical labour for my anger to pass like a bad storm. And that helped me a lot to keep my anger in control over the years.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, anger is a strong feeling of extreme displeasure. I define it more like as wanting to punch someone so hard that their teeth fall out and they have a toothless ugly smile.

Sometimes I think that kids are better than us in this respective. They take out their anger by punching someone or throwing a tantrum in the middle of a mall. It lasts only 15 minutes and then they let go of it and forget whatever happened. On the other hand being an adult makes you do what people call it “think rationally”. So instead you just keep on spinning things over and over again like a cotton candy is spun. And if you take a cotton candy, compress it, there is nothing in it. And that is how things are when we are angry.

Everyone of us needs a solution to control our anger. Or to at least let go of it. It is like figuring out all the kinks of a damaged car, so that only you know how to drive it. I found mine after a long time. So today whenever I am angry, my diary or any paper finds me and words tumble out of my pen like men breaking away from a prison. But once those words have left my hand, then I never think about those things again. We all have that solution. Whether it is working out in a gym, writing, going on a drive or shouting at your loved ones.

Like Maya Angelou said,

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.

So at the end of the day, I learnt that being angry helps no one. It effects only you and the damage done has to be repaired by you. So like a car, you have to figure out all the kinks and find a solution to let go of it. That is what helps everyone keep their sanity.