When I Was In 2nd Grade

When I was in second grade, I had a Math teacher. She was just love. I do not even remember her name but I do remember her awesomeness. I remember the way she used to flip her hair and that boots she wore that told you from a mile that she was coming. In her class, my hand always used to shoot up just like Hermione’s. My mom told me that I used to hold her finger tight in my hand and never used to let it go

Unfortunately, our teacher got changed and she started teaching some other section. I tried liking the new teacher but it just didn’t work. So I went up to her and said that I do not like the new teacher. She should come back etc. And I started crying. She wiped away my tears and said,

“Sumaica, you know tears are actually your energy. So whenever you cry, you are wasting your energy. And you, you are a horse. You have so many races ahead of you that you have to win. You cannot afford to waste one bit of that energy of yours.”

By now I was hooked up and her words were leaving an impression on my mind. She continued,

“And maybe the new teacher is not like me. But someday you will get a teacher who will be better than me. And then you will get to see a part of me in her. Because every teacher like every parent is the same at heart.”

I am not even in contact with her anymore. But I want her to know. Ma’am, your horse has grown up. She is winning her races. She lost some as well. But she says, if not this one, then the other. She has learnt not to waste her energy, just like you told her. And yes, she did find teachers who were better than you. But nobody was you. She saw your reflection in the teachers that taught her. And your words still echo in her mind from time to time.


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