The Story Of Leftovers

This is the story of leftovers in my house. I am sure that this a very big problem in every house. It is a major one in our house. And my dear mommy is always finding new ways to recycle or get rid of leftovers and not waste them. Because well, we cannot eat the same thing twice. Or eat a three day old curry.

Once my mom took out all the leftovers from the fridge and made them into some kind of rice. Honestly, it tasted very, very bad. And I am not kidding. But obviously we could not say that to our mom. So we all ate it with big plastic smiles on our faces and said that it is delicious, etc. But that is just us being nice. When it came to my six year old brother Moawiz, firstly he refused to eat it. But when he was forced to take a bite, he said, “eww, this tastes like shit”. And well, my mom was not pleased.

So now, my mom has found a new way of getting rid of leftovers. Last night, she invited all of my eldest brother Huzaifa’s friends over for dinner. Because believe me, they are always hungry and they eat absolutely everything. So the menu was, “Paaye” (its a famous Lahori dish made with goats legs), “Magaz” (this is goats brain), “Karaylay Qeema” (Bitter gourds and minced meat), “Baingan Ka bhurta” (brinjals), “Seekh Kebab” and some sort of curry. They ate everything and the loved it. Funny thing is that they new they were eating leftovers. So this the new strategy being applied in my house for getting rid of leftovers.

So my sincere thanks to all the boys who ate that food because otherwise I would have to eat them. Thank you !

P.S. Just so you all know, the food was just one day old and was absolutely in no way poisonous. And we do not serve leftovers to our guests.


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