Last Day Of School

June 25, 2013

Today was the last day of school. Well, my last day in school. And I kept thinking to myself about the place that has given mw so much. I have mixed feelings about leaving school. I mean I never wanted to come here and yet here I am, six years later ready to leave forever. It means the end of school, which is like the end of my childhood. 15 years of school just came to an end forever.

The past six years have been both good and bad. But I feel like I saw how the other side works in the world. I was always so contented in my own life, I never knew that people with such thinking even existed. 

Every corner of this school has some memory associated with it. Like the alley which connects Girls Wing to the Library. Back in 7th grade, that was our hangout place. We all used to be there together every morning and we used to look at the moon infront of us while the sun looked upon us. We used to wonder what we will be in 12th grade. Back then life seemed like a piece of cake but we learnt that even cakes can be burnt. 
Friendships changed and so did our hangout place. It became the ground near Arts and Culture Department which witnessed us walking in the mornings, gossiping and talking about the best books to the best band. 
I am glad that I am leaving. Because in the past two years, I came across people who were so cheap that I am amazed how can they manage such cheapness ? I met hypocrites, double faced b****es, people with such a high cheapness factor, bullies, people who harassed my friends, people who made us think that life has a whole other side, people who judged us without knowing us. And now when we will meet amazing people, we will be thankful for them. Because I know how it feels like to be surrounded by so much weirdness that you think to yourself, how the hell did I end up here ? Despite all that, I would never want to change anything because I learnt that this world has every kind of people in it.
But then I am reminded of the beautiful people I met. People who never judged me or my actions, people who believed in me, stood by me in everything, were genuinely happy for me, know me inside out, people that made me believe in the beauty of life again, people that are so amazing that I have no words for them. They all gave a whole other meaning to friendship. They all were a ray of sunshine in that depressing environment. They are the kind of people who would make plans about food and books first, if there is school the next day. 
I met both good and bad people, lived an awesome life, made memories and now its time to say goodbye. And honestly, I am saying goodbye with a smile on my face. Everything has to come to an end, whether good or bad. And this school was the best and worst in everything.

P.S. Goodbye P.E.C. I will miss my school life and you as well. But not the people you bear. Thank you ! For being such an awesome part of my life.



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