News That Made My Future

I got into LSBF. I got into LSBF. I GOT INTO LSBF. OMG ! I freaking got into LSBF. I, Sumaica Asad Piracha got into London School Of Business and Finance. Yes, I got into this prestigious school. Right now I am going crazy because I have no idea how to express my happiness. I got the news yesterday but somehow everything went crazy. I practically got killed by a stupid crazy taxi driver and everyone was leaving for Pakistan and stuff. So I didn’t really get to celebrate my admission.

I do not even know what to say. Its something I have always wanted. I never thought that I would get such an honour. I am so thankful and humbled that I got in. Everything happened so fast and so smoothly. I applied, got a call, gave the interview, studied for the aptitude test, gave that and voila, I got a call. Everything happened within two weeks without a hitch. Alhumdulillah !

I just wish that my Nano was alive. He would have been the happiest man alive. This news would have made his day. He was always so proud of us and our achievements. And if there is one person I miss the most today, its definitely him. He would have given a huge party, bragged about my admission to all of his golf buddies and would have asked me to come to Pakistan immediately so he could truly celebrate this.

My mommy literally cried. And my friends, well I could feel the happiness in their voices. I am so glad that I fought for what I wanted and believed in and now I have it. I remember, every year I used to go to Makkah and I had a list of things that I prayed for. Becoming a Chartered Accountant was on top of it. And once I thought to myself that you know what, maybe Allah does not love me like he loves others. But yesterday I got to know that He loves every single one of us. We just do not know that. I am that lucky girl in this world who has always gotten whatever she wished for. And I am so grateful for everything.


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