Top Ten Tuesdays: Most Memorable Secondary Characters

I read about Top Ten Tuesdays on Pretty Books blog. But initially, this idea was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Both of these blogs are very awesome. I love reading other peoples “Top Ten Tuesday”. It is so much fun. So I figured that I should do one as well. But the thing is I have read so many books that I do not remember each and every character even from the ones that I love. This actually makes it very hard because you are reminded of so many more things afterwards. So all the things I have written about are either from the books I have read recently or are things that have struck out for some reason. 

Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters 

1. Hana tate, Delirium
I just finished reading the Delirium trilogy and that is the first one I remembered. I really liked her character. Especially her friendship with Lena. I loved her carefree spirit towards life and how she looses it. 

2. Jane Bennet, Pride and Prejudice: 
Who does not love Pride and Prejudice ? But I loved Jane. Not more than Lizzy ofcourse. But I realized that being prim and proper does not always makes you a stuck up. She was so beautiful in her own way, like a delicate flower. And you do not have to be defiant or different to have a story. 

3. Frank Kennedy, Gone With the Wind:
For some reason, he always remained in my head. Probably because I hated the way he was used by Scarlette. And I hate when someone takes advantage of you. And Scarlette did that on her sisters cost which was pathetic.

4. Hans Hubermann, The Book Thief:
He is one dedicated and honest man. And an amazing father. He showed the world how you achieve fatherhood in perfection even in the middle of a war.  Salute !

5. Magnus Bane, The Mortal Instruments:
I am actually reading this series right now and Magnus is the only character that is actually interesting and has some personality.  

6. Tarquin, Confessions of a Shopaholic
He was one weird character and the sole reason he stuck out. He called water “twitchy”. Yup ! It was like he spoke baby language in adult form. And the weird thing is that he was a millionaire and one of the most sought out bachelours in his city despite wearing oddly shaped jumpers. 

7. Ejaz Ansar, Pir-e-Kamil
I read Urdu books as well. But now Pir-e-Kamil also has an English translation. Anyway, Ansar was one guy I doubt I will ever forget. There is nothing I despise more than hypocrites and double faced people. It is because of such people that the culture or things we believe in, tend to have a bad name. 

8. Rue and Finn, The Hunger Games
There is not a single person who would have cried for these characters. Both of them are so different yet so memorable in their own way. I still cannot get Rue’s mocking jay song out of my head. It is beautiful, just like her.

These are the only people I could remember right now. My apologies for not being more sufficient but I am sure I will be more vigilant, once I get the hang of it. Fingers crossed.



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