Book Review: The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald

Nick Carraway narrates the story, he meets the rich and scandalous Gatsby who throws lavish parties in his huge and beautiful mansion on the East Coast but very little is actually known about him. But that was not the case, always. Five years ago, he was nothing but a poor lad in the army who made the mistake of falling in love with the rich and beautiful Daisy. Unfortunately life did not side with them. They meet in the present, Daisy a married woman, with a daughter and an adulterous husband. Gatsby, a very rich man, still in love and waiting for Daisy. What measures will Gatsby take to get his love back ? How will Daisy react knowing her lost love is back ?

Published: 1952
Author: F.Scott Fitzgerald
Genre: Fiction, Classic

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I had been wanting to read this classic for a long time and obviously had high expectations. But when I finally picked it up, lets just say that I wanted to punch Gatsby, Daisy, her stupid husband Tom, his mistress, Scott, pretty much everyone in the book.

Lets start with the adultery in the book. Daisy’s husband is in love with a wife of a garage owner who fixes his car. Seriously ? Could not you have a little better taste ? At least have the decency to not fall of your standards. And Daisy knows about it. Yet she does nothing about it. Why ? Why would you let your husband do that to you ? That implies you are not interested in him anymore. Get a divorce for Gods sake and stop the drama. Then her husband is mad when she does the exact same thing he does to her. Something that is right for you becomes wrong for your wife in a second. Shoe salute !

And Gatsby. Lets just say that he is one of the most stupidest and ambitious man I have ever read about. He made Daisy the sole purpose of his existence which is saying something considering he is rich, handsome, has a huge library and a great car. I loved him and hated him. Loved for the hard work he does and the pain he goes to, to get Daisy back. His life was all about Daisy but somehow, he even made his end about her. Which deserves some respect, a lot actually. But it also deserves a hard reality slap to make him realize the obvious that Daisy does not stand up for her own self, let alone for anyone else.

Daisy, I hate her. I never really understood her character or why she does, what she did in the ending. Does not someone who died for your mistake deserves an attendance to his funeral ? I am pretty sure that even the most cold hearted person would have been blown away. So I am assuming that she never had a heart.

I hated the book in some ways and loved it in others. Nick was the only sensible one in the story. His character was brilliant especially his decision at the end. But I found the third wheeling a little creepy. Never have I ever respected a fictional character more. He literally brought sanity to the story. I hope the movie is better than the book because Leonardo DaVinci is in it. I hated the characters but somehow loved the story. Because it was very real. We only see one side of the society, fact is that the other side exists and it still is pretty much how Scott described it. All in all, I kind of had a love/hate relationship with this book.

One of the quotes I loved from the book:

“I hope she’ll be a fool — that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” 



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