Inspirations ! Favourites !

I thought of doing something different this time. I love watching people’s favourites videos. Its a guilty pleasure. Don’t judge. This is a little like that but everything that is me. Some of the things that inspire me and motivate me. Some things that I love and some that I tire off after awhile.

Songs Of The Week:
When it comes to songs, than literally, it changes every week. Or two three days. I find a good songs. Listen to it 24/7 and than tire of it. And throw it out like yesterday’s garbage.

Naadan prinday A.R. Rahman Nadaan Prinday
Galaxies by Owl City Galaxies
Beanbag Diaries. Beanbag Diaries This blog is run by a girl named Maryam and she is more of a book blogger but I love her Him and I series. I hardly ever like something like that. I just thought that it was something unique and really good. 


There is just something about prostitutes and the life they live that makes me want to understand them and their way of thinking. After watching such movies, I always end up being utterly grateful for where I am.

The actress is very pretty and her acting is pretty good as well. It is way better than I expected. The guy is okay. I am not a huge fan of Imran Abbas.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. I really like the way he writes. It unwinds your stressful day, bringing smile to your face. It was really nice to read that people other than my country fellow’s go through a shitty education system and its utterly ridiculous rules.


“Life screws you exactly when you have figured it out” -Chetan Bhagat

Magnanimous: Very generous or forgiving, noble in mind and heart, magnus is a Latin word meaning great

This word shouts power and greatness to me somehow. I really badly want to use it somewhere and show its full impact. Because the meaning of this word is so powerful and even the pronunciation screams great.

Flynn Bloom. I don’t know why but that kid is the epitome of cuteness. I love Orlando Bloom. That started in 7th grade I think. And than Flynn came along to make him even more perfect. If you can find an even cuter kid, please let me know.


Book Review: Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat

From Goodreads:

Set in IIT, in the early ’90s, Five Point Someone portrays the lives of the protagonist Hari and his two friends Ryan and Alok. It explores the darker side of IIT, one in which students- having worked for years to make it into the institute-struggle to maintain their grades, keep their friends and have some kind of life outside studies.

Funny, dark and non-stop, Five Point Someone is the story of three friends whose measly five-point something GPAs come in the way of everything-their friendship, their love life, their future. Will they make it?

Published: April, 2006
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Pages: 267
My Rating: 3.5
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Asian Literature

First of all, the concept was right up to my alley. It felt really good to read what I have felt studying in the system for the past four years. The concept was how the education system of IIT in India is all about rot learning and using your memory not your brain to study. That is exactly what happens in the Pakistani system as well. I am not saying its bad, I am saying, its not something I adjusted well to. That is one of the reasons I decided to do ACCA and not go back into the system to do medicine.

I loved the friendship between the three guys. Usually the guy friendships are very easy but not in this story. Friendship is the one thing that does not require any kind of label with you. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor or a failure. You are a friend. That is all matters. Which is exactly what this story was about.

I loved Ryan’s struggle with the system he was studying in. Because that is exactly what I felt in the past two years of my studies. And I did mess up my life. Like Bhagat says’ “Life screws you over just when you have figured it out.” All the three friends had different problems which they did solve with their own point of view.

All in all, it was a refreshing read which really tallied with the life that Pakistanis and Indians live as students.