Dear Diary

Yesterday, I was studying and I glanced over at Moawiz. He was writing something in a neon green diary. And when I saw what he was writing, I was exhilarated. He was writing a diary. He had written the date at the top and had described his day, all on his own.

I started writing diary when I was in 6th grade. Than I stopped writing. I picked up the pen again in 8th grade when I thought that life was cruel which it really was not. But I guess it was for a 13 year old. Ahhhhh ! The life of a 13 year old.

Β Anyway, my diary found me writing in it once again in 9th grade. So my relationship with it is very on and off type. When things seem very hard, I write in my diary. When things are awesome and I cannot contain my happiness, I write it down. And like an everlasting companion, my diary is always there to welcome me with open arms, never complaining for abandoning it. I have to say that I probably have more diaries than I write in. What can I say ? I love diaries. Especially when there is leather, quotes and keys involved.

I am amazed that Moawiz wants to write a diary. Its an amazing habit which contributes to so much when you grow up. I hope that he follows this through. And that someday, I can tell him all about this day.

P.S. Please excuse my horrendous photography. πŸ˜€

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