Let’s Jump On The Bed

Today, I will not torture you with my whining. Instead let us get on our bed, jump as high as you can and shout, “I win”. I freaking win, life. In case your bed breaks or you go back to sleep like I did, its fine. Its a sign of happiness.

I woke up to a message by my very best friend telling me that she got admission in the university she wanted. I know that sounded really simple but its not if you happen to be a Pakistani and study abroad in a Pakistani school following the Federal Board. Sounds simple. But no. If you are from Karachi, you have to have done your schooling from the Sindh Board to get in some of the universities. Point is, every university has their own weird rules that leaves you in tears at the end of the day.

My friend had to come back last year because of such regulations and the whole year was spent in studying, avoiding activities that she loved. Meanwhile saying to me, Sumaica, there is no way I can get in. People don’t get in on merit bases. Its all about bribes and power. Me being the stupid optimist I am, kept saying, M, you will get in. You have to get in. Hard work does not go to waste. Allah will do the best for you.

After saying goodbye to her in June, came the late night chatting and calling that involved me paying the phone bill. I could feel the torture she was going through. I would have ran away and said, no thank you. Take this freaking education system and go to hell. But she did not. She studied. And did God knows what. That idiot gave admission tests knowing she isn’t eligible for that college.

Now comes the victory part. She has gotten into every university she has applied to so far. Mashallah ! And I was like, M, what did I say ? Now I await her arrival so I can bake a triple layered Hunger Games chocolate cake and celebrate the biggest victory of this year. So right now I am listening to some song “Chingam Chabake” and dancing on my bed.

Sometimes when times are hard, we tend to believe that nothing good can ever come out of the hard work that we do. But then like planting your country’s flag on a mountain’s top comes that sweet little victory. And it makes everything worth it.  


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