Coffee Rants # 2

The best thing about not being in school anymore is that when the clouds decide to have mercy on you and shower themselves, you get to ditch your class and go Salsa in the rain.

Every year, that one day would come when it would rain in Qatar and we would be sitting in class studying Orbital hybridization. We would beg our teacher to let us go out and enjoy the weather but that day rarely came when the teachers were generous enough to understand our melancholy. Instead we would sit there looking longingly out of the window, listening to the drip drip of water calling us towards itself while the teacher went on and on and on about formation of Blastula. Once it rained in our half hour break and to say that the school went crazy would be understating the obvious. It was a little like giving free Ice Cream to a bunch of 5 year olds.

Today, however, I went crazy. Yes. We are that crazy people who dance (its like watching clowns hop around)  in the Winter rains while a little afraid of being struck by lightning. Although I have always wanted to get some sort of super power. So there I was playing football in rain while shivering to the core. And just having the time of my life. Have you ever attempted to drink rain water ? I did and ended up choking.

And then came the water fight. A sane person would think that why would you have water fights in rain. But its a tradition in my family. When we lived in Pakistan, after the rain, everybody would get their water guns and hunt down every damn bottle in the house. Then came the die hard decision of making teams. And cheating your own team. It was just another thing to have that kind of fun with all your cousins and all you had to fear were your mothers kicking your butts.

So right now, I am sitting here, drinking coffee, while going down the memory lane and being thankful for all those wonderful times and the beautiful weather outside. For us thunderstorms are a sign of good weather. And I know that by now, all the roads of Qatar are going to be submerged in water, the only time I appreciate Land Cruisers.

I hope everyone has a day as amazing as mine. Drink loads of coffee and be thankful for the life you lead.

Adieu !



4 thoughts on “Coffee Rants # 2

  1. As a writer you did'nt realise but as a follower i did !!!! just a kind request from one of your follower…….. Please dont use it….. Seriously it doesnt sound good…..



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