Coffee Rants # 3

When it gets cold outside only then I realize that I do not own a single pair of full sleeves shirt so then I spend my day wearing a blanket. Simply because I am too lazy to open the suitcases and take out my winter clothes.

When the weekend arrives at our house, all we do is collapse on the sofa, eat a bunch of junk food, watch the pending T.V shows and just unwind from the crazy week. And what is funny is that all us three older siblings are home on a Friday night while the youngest who is 7 is out with his friend.

So today I decided to bear that laziness and make plans for the weekend because usually my plans include inviting Aysha over and doing all of the above with her which does not even count. Its not my fault, if you take into account the horrendous traffic, waiting in lines and more bad traffic when all you can do is roam the malls in the end. Anyways, my weekend plans got cancelled. I mean, my friends are exactly like me, if not worse. They will also consider the traffic, both outside and inside and then make their plans. 🙂

On the plus side, Abbu is finally coming home. I love him and its fun to get him out of the house but only for the first few days. After that its like an egg cracked on the floor and you trying to clean that mess.

Can I just say how unbelievable confusing Double Book Keeping is. At first, its so easy but as you dive in the topic, it hits you that this is not a field of Tulips to roll in. You have to pluck them one by one with hands. I am studying Trial Balances these days and its eating my mind. Differentiating and deciding what goes in Credit or Debit is confusing. And I have a problem of asking about logic behind everything, so now my professor is like, just do it. Think about the logic later.

I got a treat from Aysha this weekend and trust me, free food is the best. Especially when you have a best friend paying for it. Its been a lazy but productive weekend and now its time to dive in my books all over again. 😀

Tell me if lazy weekends are not the best weekends ever.

Adieu !


10 thoughts on “Coffee Rants # 3

  1. Yaar can you write something which can make my day because i am freaking !@#$% up with my job today ….. Believe me … working in Accounts is as if you have been assigned a job of breaking a wall with your freaking skull…..

    I believe you seems to be persuing a career in Accounting…. Take a tip from me….. Quit it and start a career in pro writing ….. you are an excellent writer…. atleast you can bring a smile on somebody's face….. We as an accountant … which ever Dept. we go in our office… people say ” here comes !!@# #les” & God knows wht we have done wrong


  2. Hahahahahahahaha….I guess that happens in every job. 😛 I will take your advice into consideration but there are absolutely no chances of me quitting Accounting. Although I do wish to write a book one day.

    Thank you for your compliments. You have no idea how many times I have gotten shit from people about writing as well. So we are travelling in the same boat. 😀


  3. wht are you planning to do after Accounting…… Work or Business ? i am a man… i took career in accounting bec i did nt see any better option as we have to think of bread and butter for our family……i always knew it was going to be like this…. but wht about you …. girl ….. an execelent writer( although some blogs are shit ) wht did u like in Accounting. ???? I seriously dont think their will be bread responsibility on your head….. Paracha is a wealthy family from lahore , If i am not wrong….. wht crap did u like in Accounting ?????


  4. That is such a cliched guy thing to say. Being a girl or a Piracha doesn't mean I cannot do all the things that you mentioned. And I chose Accounting because I loved Math as a subject. My family name or gender doesn't bind me from having a career in what I want.

    Dude, the world is huge place. It depends on what you aim for. And what you think. Responsibilities and stuff doesn't necessarily lie only a guy's head.


  5. Lady….. I thing you should start working on your reading English, which i think, at the moment stands at -0.5 on the scale of 5. You totally didnt get what i said….

    Actually leave it. You wont understand it…… Actually i am sorry for asking you such stuff…… After seeing your reply it seems that i am talking to another malala yousuf…..


  6. Hahahahahaha…backing away from something actually worth talking about. Again, such a cliche. You took what I said a little too seriously. Writing, for me is a hobby.

    Everyone has a different perspective on life. You wanted the best earning option so you chose Accounting. I want the best qualification in the field that I love. Its two VERY different approaches to the same thing.

    Wow ! I never knew that being called a US puppet would be so complimenting. 🙂


  7. okkkkkkkkkk …. so you wanna talk more about it… Lets begin then……..

    Lady have you got any idea who you are talking too ? …………….. i'll give u a brief description of mine…

    i am a Ph.d in Accounting and business from New york university…. i am earning a salary that is much more then wht you dream to earn…….. i live in a house which worth around 10m$ …..
    The reason i am telling you all above is because i wanna let you know something…….. When i started my career, i had responsibilities on my head and only god knows how much i needed to scarify to reach the position today i am on. Seriously I never looked back and thought that once ill reach here then ill do all those stuff which i couldnt do at that time…… But you know wht ………. Every thing has its own time and once its gone u cant do it…. In short …. after having hunderds of $ in my bank A/C i am not happy….. Thats life of a man with responsibilities ….

    When i asked u abt your interest in Accounting i was interested in wht sort of stuff you liked in Accounting….. I never tried to back you off or demotivate you from this field as you are a girl….. If girls want to learn bec of their interest and love …. they have the right to study. Yes you are right its the best earning option, Yes you are right this is the best qualification in the field but if you are looking for happiness ……….. Just dream girl………. you will not be getting it if you plan to jump into the market…. look around you girl… you will find 100s of MBAs in Top positions…. 1000s of ACCA and Chartered Accountants owning firms or working as ceo or senior managers …. Just ask them a single question….
    SIR… are you happy of what you are doing ?????

    The reaction of their faces will speak more powerfully then their words

    Lady …. do you have any idea since how long i am following you….. you know y….. i have hardly seen any body commenting on your posts but still you keep on posting stuff bec i thought that made you happy…I said to myself thats how a person should be ….. never look at what peoples reaction would be… Just do wht makes you them happy if it doestnt break religious guidelines.

    That was my point which i was trying to prove you …… Literature once was my passion. I left it bec i had responsibilities on my head. I was just trying to say that…. I thought you wouldnt have responsibilities on head as a girl so why banging your head in Accounting….

    Sorry for writing a whole lecture on it 🙂


  8. Firstly, you should be proud and happy for the fact that you fulfilled all your responsibilities despite all the sacrifices you made. That is VERY rare in today's world. Who knows where people are today because of what you did for the. That is the biggest accomplishment. Nobody does that.

    As for me, let me share my story. I have wanted to become a Chartered Accountant since I was 11. But somehow everyone went against my choices and I had to study subjects I hated. I went from being a top scorer to the lowest. But I took a stand and decided to do what I have loved and wanted. And I am HAPPY. I know what I am doing and I am very glad that I chose this. So I am actually following my dreams. My aim to studying accounting had nothing to do with how much I will earn. Money comes and goes. Its not something to get attached with.

    As for what you said about my blog, you are right. I do love writing. But then I love what I am studying as well. And you are right. I really do not care about what people say. Writing makes me happy. Its a part of who I am. And its the same with accounting.

    And I am sorry. I interpreted what you said wrongly. And I would like to say something. Its not too late to pick up a pen and follow your passion. And be proud of what you did. Being unselfish and sacrificing your happiness is the biggest thing anyone can ever do. And I am not good enough a person to do that. Just the fact that you did makes you way better a person than many are. Literature can become your passion again. Its never too late to find that one thing that makes you happy.

    It all depends on YOU. 🙂


  9. Girl…. you took the story toooooo seriously….. Chilll……. i still have a pen in my hand but the only thing which has changed in my passion is the writing stuff…. b4 i used to write stuff like you,,, but now a days its different…. i am THUG writer ……… heard of this writing skill ???? i guess noooo because i am the one who created this and its yet to be available for public…..Leme explain this to you….. its a style of writing, which hypnotize people and they start believing in your looonnng & false stories and started having sympathy for you…. Last time i did this with someone, few days back….AAAAHHHHHH,,, She was a passionate writer…..
    i love this but this is the stuff which makes me unhappy….;-)


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