Coffee Rants # 4

You know what happens when you are preparing for an exam, you are 70% prepared, than you find out that the paper is the day after tomorrow instead of the next day. Yes ! You go a little crazy. Not necessarily with happiness considering the fact that you will have to revise everything AGAIN. Well, at least I have something to blog about.

One last exam to go and than I am free for a month. Thank you Allah Mian ! But I am scared of my mom and her constant habit of dragging me into things I do NOT want to do. But as her blood, I kind of have to fill in the obligations, which in simple words means turning dried out burned hair of ten strangers into elaborate braids and Butterfly buns and than listen to them tell me how the braid is not long enough. Yes, people. I can grow hair as I do happen to be the long lost sister of Hermione.

I was really scared of giving these exams, mainly because I have studied nothing in the past two years. And suffered the consequences. But that period is hopefully over. I think of it as a Steve Job or Bill gates period where you are at your lowest and than you emerge as a billionaire or the idea of becoming one. Not that that actually happens. But it feels good to put your mind to something challenging and pouring your sweat over that one problem that you cannot figure out. I have missed that euphoria of studying numbers and equations.

Β I always have so many lists and plans to follow whenever vacations come up but only one out of twenty get to see the end. The others just end up as paper and pencils in my drawer instead of a Picasso. So I decided to just go with the flow. Like I already do not do that enough. I need to pick up that pen. And write. Instead of whining about not writing. And I need to sketch. Or attempt at a Husain before the paints dry out. Maybe this post can be a reminder of this.

I was wondering whether we ever find the answers to all our questions. I know that not all the answers are for us to find or understand. But still. Do you ever get to feel like every single piece of thread is untangled in your mind and you understand the way you see ? I guess, we still have this life to know that. I hope I do. I would love to see how it feels, to have everything make sense or at least have an explanation instead of us trying to give justifications.

I am going to go and watch 8 Simple Rules and wait for the coffee to wear off so I can sleep. Don’t forget to smile. Life is beautiful. Even if you do not understand it sometimes. Or most of the times.

Adieu !


P.S. I will leave you with my favourite song these days which isΒ Tumhay Kesay BatadoΒ by Ahmed Rushdi


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