Accueil hivers !

After giving the last paper today, I was sitting in this little alcove surrounded by a huge piano, reading Robin Hood waiting for Huzaifa to come pick me up. All of a sudden I felt cold air hit me with full force as someone opened the French doors to go outside on the beach. And I realized that for so long, I had waited for Winter to come so I could snuggle in my favourite Blue and Purple striped comforter, drink Chocolate Chai Latte twice a day, wear over sized hoodies and read books. It crept up on me and I didn’t even notice that 13’C is here to welcome me into its arms. 

I love Winters. But the thing is that I have never really lived them. I have but I do not remember living them. There is this vague memory of waking up in fog, getting bundled up in a puffy bright blue jacket, mittens, caps and than all the layers coming off one by one as the sun came out and warmed the day. But that was in Pakistan. And after that I never really experienced cold. Qatar is not the best country when it comes to lower temperature. Rather it specializes in roasting us in 48 ‘C all year around. So forget infinity scarves, thick long coats, beanies, gloves, huge fires and all that good wintry stuff.

Sometimes we wait for something to happen for such a long time that when it finally happens, we forget the true pleasure of it. And then when it goes away, we are reminded of that same thing again and again. So lets take this moment and enjoy it today instead of waiting for tomorrow to bring something better than this. Make your today awesome so when tomorrow comes, you have something to live it up to with.

So I pledge allegiance to wearing Huzaifa’s hoodies, dragging Muaaz’s blanket through out the house, eating ice cream from Moawiz’s pocket money, surviving on coffee and reading as if there is no tomorrow. I cannot wait to wear my knee high Angry Birds socks, have an excuse to live in my PJ’s, go on the roof and breathe in the crisp cold air, to go to the beach, have my toes freeze standing in the icy water and hands melt from the heat of the sun at the same time. I feel utterly grateful that Qatar is clean enough to actually feel that air instead of all the Carbon particles going inside us. I guess living in the richest country on earth has its perks.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”    -Dalai Lama

Adieu !

3 thoughts on “Accueil hivers !

  1. At laaaast some thing good……. That was great……. After reading your “F!@# ” RANTS i was like it needs a subtitle in ENGLISH to understand ….. But this was execelent……. Really… Kind aa feeling of my heart……..
    Sometimes i feel like God has given me a super power to smell the writers in the air if they are near by ….. i feel like yesterday you were somewhere near me….. Was that so ???? or i am just being a bit of day dreamer


  2. Naaaaa ….. Lady we were at same place ….. you yourself mentioned that u were their in the book fair in your post…. i was there tooo….. Thanks God for these super powers


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