Responsibility, Price of Freedom

My dad is a very wise man. The kind who will advise you not to drink iced water when you already have a cold and than threatens you by saying, I will not take you to the doctor if you get sick. And yes, we throw it in the sink because lets be honest who wants to have a red blotchy nose and carry a tissue box around.

I say that with utmost pride and respect. But that pride kind of diminishes when he forces the monthly kitchen expenses in your hands. So for this month, my dad had this brilliant idea of handing me the money for our food just so that he can teach us about controlling our expenses and being a little more responsible when it comes to money.

When I first heard that, I was excited. Because that meant, keeping all the money left behind. Now here comes the reality check. Firstly, we are Pakistani which means that when it comes to food, we do not kid around. People have thermals to keep them warm in winter and shorts to keep cool in summers, we have food to survive all year around. Food is sacred.

This basically means that when you are forced to grocery shop, you get all the things you like. I start from the Brownie Cookies, move on to popcorn, chips, noodles, wedges, three different kinds of coffee, two different kinds of Nimko, Chocolate Croissants and two kinds of ice creams. Ofcourse, I do not even glance at the price tags let alone keep in mind the total price of all the junk food I am putting in the trolley. Because dad is paying. Tada !

However, today was such a different scenario. I specifically went to get all my type of food to stock up for the upcoming four holidays we will be getting because of Qatar National Day. I don’t know why I am excited, its not like I am in school anymore. Anyway, I gave the serious list to dad so he can buy the things Amma said to buy. I was roaming through the aisles, checking out the new flavours of Peri Peri Sauce and for the first time I saw myself contemplating buying things. And was stuck deciding between two packets of popcorn or two packets of noodles. And the only reason was the money in my yellow wallet which I miraculously have to make last for the rest of the month.

Life is very easy when someone else pays for you. Whether it is socks or a Blackberry Q10. But the minute that money comes in your hands, its not just 4000 QR that you have to spend on food. Its somebody’s or your own hard work staring right back at you. Its the responsibility to make sure that you don’t waste that money. That at the end of the day, you have 100 QR in your pocket instead of borrowing it from a friend. And that responsibility, my friend, is the biggest buzz killer there ever is.

Like Elbert Hubbard said:

“Responsibility is the price of freedom.”

Adieu !

P.S. If by any chance you are wondering than, yes, I did buy 70 percent of the junk that I went for. Its still my dads money right now. πŸ˜‰
P.P.S Abbu, I love you but please, I beg you Β to torture someone else with this new technique of yours. I have had my share.


7 thoughts on “Responsibility, Price of Freedom

  1. Aik to aap ki post pe koi comment or tareef nahi kerta…… ulta jo kerta hai uska aap shukriya nahi ketai……… i guess aap ko followers pasand nahi hai…… Sorry bhai……. Next time no comments…. atleast from me


  2. Sorry for one more comment…. its just my curiosity to know that ye Thank you mere past comments kai liye tha ya future comments nahi kernai ke liye


  3. Yaar sorry i am not a najoomi……….. Aap kai dil ka haal mai nahi bata sakta………… really i dont have any idea wht the Thank you was for ???


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