Bookish Resolutions 2014 !

I have never had bookish resolutions but I thought to myself and realized that the time has come to do so. Because when i have certain objectives in mind, than its easier to comply with them. So here are my bookish resolutions for 2014 :

1. Read more classics. 
I have a love hate relationship with classics. I take forever to read a classic because it requires patience. And I suck on that account. But the few classics I have read, I have loved them, like Pride and Prejudice, The Count of Monte Cristo, Little Women (one of my favourite childhood books), Arabian Nights, Jane Eyre etc. So this year I hope to read the classics already in my possession.

2. Buy more books:

I was packing my books for moving and I saw that I have bought only 16 books in 2013 which is such a shame. And a lot of books I read as ebooks. So this year, I am going to buy all the books I read. I tend to spend my money on other things and than I have nothing left for books. So buy books first. Than anything else.

3. Blog more about books:

I am a slacker when it comes to blogging. I am not consistent at all. I keep putting off blogging like the rest of the things. And then I forget about it. When I open blogger, I have an empty mind which makes me sad. So blog as soon as the idea pops in my head. Thus blogging more about books. Whether its books reviews, author reviews etc.

4. Be a consistent reader:

Normally, when people finish a book, they start another one. I do not do that. I might read 10 books in a week. Than don’t read any in the next three. I have no idea why that happens. But that is the way it is and its not good. I love reading and this just wastes time which I end up doing something not productive. I will try to pick up another book as soon as I finish the one I have finished reading.

5. Write the review as soon as possible:

I read a book. Than the opinions I have about it are just churning inside my head. And I take my time thinking about it. But I don’t pen it down immediately. I take a day or two. What happens than is, that I have either started a new book, forgetting a little about the previous one. Or the opinion is not as strong as it was before. And the review is not as good as I would want it to be.

So these are my bookish resolutions. I am not setting myself a challenge this year because I want to see how much I read without the pressure of completing a challenge. Lets see how I do.


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