A Book A Day

A long time ago, I read somewhere that a woman had read a book a day for an year, mainly reading 365 books per year. Which may sound boring to a stranger but to me, it sounds awesome.

Since that day, it became a dream of mine and went on the bucket list to read one book everyday for an year.

But the obvious thing is that it cannot be done right now considering how busy life is. When the time comes to retire with a bend back and half the teeth missing, I will do this.

Last week, I read 7 books in a week reading one book per day. And I did not even realize that I was doing that.

The only reason I could do that was that I am still on vacation from studies and we just shifted houses so we did not have internet connection. We are so used to watching everything either on T.V or the net that we have literally forgotten what DVDs are.

Following are the books I ended up reading in this week:

1. The Last Don -Mario Puzo
2. The 5th Horseman -James Patterson
3. The 6th Target – James Patterson
4. The 8th Confession -James Patterson
5. Clockwork Angel -Cassandra Claire
6. Clockwork Prince
7. Clockwork Princess


Home Is Where The Heart Is

Its been four years since our last move and I have to say that I had forgotten the chaos that comes with it. My house looks like a frat house right now. Piles of clothes lie here and there, cartons have engulfed every inch of the space, keys have been lost, the trash pile is larger than the things we actually need, arguments are going on on what to keep and dispose off ( my mom wants to throw everything) and any attempt at making the house cleaner ends up making it more messy.

After taping and labeling a carton, we find something that has to specifically go that in one. Than we have to open it up again. Its a disaster. We only have two days left till the moving day and let me tell you that only our store has been packed and the books of the house, which occupy more space than rest of the things combined. Abbu had a fit seeing so many books. And he uttered the words “ban” and “books” in the same sentence. I said, lets not go there, my dear daddy. Because more than half are yours.

What I love about moving houses is that you have an excuse for everything. Didn’t do your homework. Moving houses. Didn’t callback a friend. Moving houses. Missed dental appointment. Moving houses. Ordered pizza three times in a week. Moving houses. Its awesome. And it works every single time.

Its a little weird though. In a way, we don’t have a single house to call home. So we make every one of the houses we live in, our home. And you get attached to it. But the fun part is that you have numerous houses all over the continents to call your home.

This house like many before, has been our home. It has seen us BBQ countless times on the roof, than counting the stars in the sky, running upstairs like its a marathon to watch the fireworks. My favourite corner where I have sat, blinded by sunlight, drinking coffee and writing something. The wall that is covered with my incomplete sketches of the Doha Skyline, Huzaifa’s disastrous writing on top of it and Moawiz’s creepy hand drawn men crawling all over it. Me and Muaaz dancing like we are possessed, in the cold November rains. Our endless arguments on who will sweep the garage floor. The crazy idea we had of painting it ourselves and we did do it.

I sincerely hope that we pack everything and still have our body parts working. Because right now, we look like gypsies who have parked their caravans on the country side and thrown everything in it.

Good luck to you and to us !

Adieu !



Top Ten Books I Read in 2013

I haven’t done Top Ten Tuesday in a while, mainly because I have been slacking at reading books. But as the year comes to an end, their last topic is Top Ten Books I read in 2013. So I decided to write down mine. Here they are:

1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak:

This books is just amazing. I had no idea what the book was about but it ended up becoming one of my all time favourites. Its narrated by death, set in Nazi Germany and it includes books as the title suggests. This book made me truly appreciate good writing and my love for words grew. Its just so beautiful that one had to read it oneself.

2. I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak:

When I read an awesome book, I tend to read all the books by the same author. So I picked this one with not much hope. I don’t even know what to say. Its equally beautiful. The story is worlds apart. The concept of the book is so simple and that is where its beauty lies. The love one feels after doing simple tasks for someone else and becoming selfless for a single second.

3. Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult:

I had to include a Jodi Picoult in the top ten. Its one of JP’s best works that I have read. I read it just after finishing high school. So the impact was far more intense on me. Because the story is based on bullying and I had seen it firsthand in my school. I love how JP makes a victim into a hero and a hero into a victim. At the end, there is no one hero or one victim. Everyone is half half in their life. And I cannot express enough love for the way she writes and her similes.

4. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green:

Yes. I am sure that this book is on everyone’s top ten list. I loved it to bits. It was just one of those heart breaking books that you don’t forget as time passes by. The story was so well written. The characters were perfect. I started crying from the part where Augustus tells Hazel about his cancer. And I didn’t stop till the end.

5. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn:

This was one of the most different books I have ever read. But because I love thrillers and suspense, I loved it. It was creepy, horrifying, completely different from what you would expect from a story revolving around a married couple. I loved how intricate the story was with all the tiny details tied together with threads. It reminded me of how J.K.Rowling has linked everything together in HP.

6. Arabian Nights:

It was one of the very few classics I read this year. And it was really good. The book jumps from one story to another than goes into another like Inception. Its pretty cool. I literally had to go back a couple of time to make sure that I am not losing track of the story. I have read a lot about that Arab era and I myself live in an Arab country.

7. The Running Man by Stephen King:

Its no secret that I am not a horror fan meaning a Stephen King fan. But I read this book on the insisting of a friend. And its brilliant. Its a dystopian novel. King wrote in 1982 when the term “dystopian” didn’t even exist. It just shows how brilliant of a mind he has. The story is simple with not a lot of complicating characters. Its raw and you realize that today, society is not much different than the one told in the book.

8. The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay:Β 

This was again a recommendation by a friend. I loved all of the characters in it. I was so happy to read about their different hobbies because I grew up with a lot of hobbies. But sadly, the idea is dead these days where people mention watching movies as their hobby. She has written a brilliant book on teenage struggles and the life that we lead.

9. The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger:

Whenever I mention this book, I am reminded of the story associated with it. Lets just say that a friend of mine was caught reading it in class. The book was taken away from her. And we stole it back from the Vice Principal’s office. It was a hysterical drama which lasted a week or so. But it came my favourite the minute I read it. Its the perfect love story I have ever read. I am amazed at Niffenegger, at how she took such a difficult concept and executed it perfectly.

10. Against Medical Advice:

I had read so many heart breaking books the past summer that I opened this book with the intention of a light murder read. Because that is what James Patterson does. Instead I found myself reading about the struggles of a young boy who has no control over his mind and thus his body. I found myself feeling helpless and crying for him. And the fact that its a true story made me see the strength that we as youngsters have in ourselves. I loved how he made sure to emerge as a winner.

So this is my top ten books I read in 2013 list. I hope that you had an amazing year. And that your list is great.

Adieu !