A Book A Day

A long time ago, I read somewhere that a woman had read a book a day for an year, mainly reading 365 books per year. Which may sound boring to a stranger but to me, it sounds awesome.

Since that day, it became a dream of mine and went on the bucket list to read one book everyday for an year.

But the obvious thing is that it cannot be done right now considering how busy life is. When the time comes to retire with a bend back and half the teeth missing, I will do this.

Last week, I read 7 books in a week reading one book per day. And I did not even realize that I was doing that.

The only reason I could do that was that I am still on vacation from studies and we just shifted houses so we did not have internet connection. We are so used to watching everything either on T.V or the net that we have literally forgotten what DVDs are.

Following are the books I ended up reading in this week:

1. The Last Don -Mario Puzo
2. The 5th Horseman -James Patterson
3. The 6th Target – James Patterson
4. The 8th Confession -James Patterson
5. Clockwork Angel -Cassandra Claire
6. Clockwork Prince
7. Clockwork Princess


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