I Am The Stupid One

A few days ago, Moawiz had his Junior Variety Show in which he was a participant in three of the choirs. He came home and said, Apa, I am going to wear this Silver sparkly shirt with a Bow tie and it looks so cute on me. And I was smitten. My thoughts were like, dude, you know more about clothes than I do.

Which is hilarious considering I am a girl and you are 7.

Anyway, so there we were on the day, proudly sitting in the audience, looking at the program, trying to figure out which choir out of five were his, listed on the paper. Anyway, they came on stage. While everyone is figuring out their positions on the stage, my dear brother is more interested in where my mom is in the audience. His eyes dart here and there, left and right, a bewildered expression on his face, which showed where his interest really was.

My mom being the amazing impulsive person she is, gets up from her seat, starts waving crazily at him, shouting, Moawiz, I am right here. I duck down, thinking I do not know this woman, people.

Moawiz on the other hand has an opposite reaction. He breaks into a huge smile, gives a thumbs up to my mom and says something to his friend.

When the second poem of their’s starts and they come on stage wearing silver sparkly shirts looking like escorts at a beauty pageant and I have had enough of the terrible fox dance by a bunch of 4th graders who were doing “thumkas” because that is OBVIOUSLY what a fox does. How stupid of me.

They start singing and I am looking at my youngest brother with an exasperated expression on my face who is making all the wrong hand gestures. The lines they are singing are ” its a small world something something”, and while everyone else has their arms wide open making a huge circle, Moawiz has his hands folded making a small circle with his hands. I was furious, to say the least.

The minute he comes off the stage, I start grilling him for detail, asking him what went wrong, and what the hell was he doing up there. He looks at me, long and hard, smirks, and says in a very annoyed voice which made me sound like the stupid one, Apa, the line was “its a SMALL world” So we were suppose to make smaller circles. Everyone else was making the wrong gestures instead of me.

I stood their dumbfounded. This is what the world has come to. I admit. I am stupid.


3 thoughts on “I Am The Stupid One

  1. Sorry for the comment again but the boy on extreme left in the above pic,did i see him in Lahore airport couple of days back. I remember his face bec the way he was behaving. like i was staring at him like for 5 mins.


  2. Aaah…. i forgot to say something. You know why i kept on following you and commenting on your post even tho i know you dont like my comments. Its because of the Art you have. A special Art ! That is, of giving the perfect wording to your thoughts. For instant, the above post. Its the perfect example of how to put your feelings into words. If i would have seen you in person, I could have imagined your face expression after reading your words. I have followed many bloggers but very few have this art and you have it almost at perfection.

    Sorry again for commenting

    Cheers.. And in your style

    Adieu !!! Frankly speaking i dont have any idea wht does it mean


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