I Call It Desperation


I have used this word countless times but never fully understood the meaning and impact of it until I was standing in th eparking lot of Al Wakra Hospital stealing their WiFi. I know. I fear Hell as well
But in my defence, its not my fault. I was DESPERATE. Ever since I have moved houses, life has been in peace. There have been no emails to check, no facebook messages or anything to reply back etc.

But after two weeks, that has changed.

I had to check the email for my result. I had to book appointments for all the major Boutiques in Pakistan. I had to email some friends of mine, as well as reply to things. I had to check some information about my upcoming admissions as well. I had to order some books to be delivered in Pakistan before I reach there. I had to send in my articles and reply to some editors as well. All in all, there was a lot that I had to do.

And I could not waste any time as I am going to Pakistan in two weeks.

We have already applied to Oredoo for our internet and telephone services and being the country that we are, its going to take a month..

This resulted in me sitting in the parking lot in the wheelchair parking spot feeling not that guilty about stealing their internet.


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