The 50 Dollar Piercing

We were standing in Sky Jewellers which if you haven’t already guessed, is a gold shop. My mom wanted to buy rings for my cousins in Pakistan.

Basically, that is what she does. Which is buy Gold, wear Gold and gift Gold. In her mind, anything less is an insult to a lady’s class.

Anyway, so we were standing there, looking at hundreds of rings when I heard a piercing scream on my right. It was a little girl whose ears were being pierced and she was bawling at the top of her voice.

When we exited after doing our business in the shop, my mom stopped the mother of that girl and gave her some sort of advice. Which is her other favourite hobby.

We are ultimate believers in helping others.

Abbu asks Amma, ” What was it ? Were you asking her the price of piercing ?”

“No. I was telling her to give some Adol to the kid. “

I said, ” Shit. We should have asked. “

On which my mom goes like, “Its free, Sumaica. They bought the gold tops so the piercing is free. “

And I burst out laughing in the middle of all these shopkeepers trying to figure out the reason for my insanity.

Than I went to tell my mom that I was laughing because I got my second piercing done for 150 QR which is basically 50 dollars. And at the time, I had thought that it was very cheap.


6 thoughts on “The 50 Dollar Piercing

  1. Hey Girl… Whats up ???

    No post today….. Seems like somebody failed in ACCA exams…. Chill…. no worries…. Aaap kai dukh mai bohot sai log shareek hai…. I am one of them… i too failed in P5 but alhamdulillah cleared other 2


  2. Good good…. Thats great…. which papers and wht scores u got ??? by the way congrats for wht ?? not passing ACCA. Yesterday i would have become ACCA graduate if i passed P5. I have completed all necessary requirement for becoming a member like ethics and 3 years experience. just got stuck in P5. My first paper which i coulnt clear in 1st attempt. u r giving congrats for that ???

    Lady… I hate ;-(


  3. There is always a big problem when you are talking to someone with loads of knowledge in English literature . They will !@# you up with the choice of words they choose to use with a person with lesser or kind of no knowledge in English vocabulary. I needed google to freaking understand the meaning of '' touch of sarcasm or pun intended “


  4. Baji…. Hum Urdu Medium sai parra hai. Hamara Angrezi itna acha nai. Ugli murtaba halkai alfaaz istamal karai jo hamara mota aqal ko samajh aai.

    Shukriya or Barra Meherbai


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