Sometimes People Are Beautiful

Sometimes people get sick.

They get better.Sometimes they don’t.

They are hospitalized.

Then they get better.

Or they have to undergo life threatening surgeries but you sit outside that glass door labeled Emergency in bold red letters. You remember their crooked tooth, or their ripped pants or the way they liquefied their ice cream before eating it and you hope for them to get better.

Unfortunately, sometimes doctors say no before you get to that stage.

I was a kid when we moved to Saudi Arabia and my parents knew not a soul there. They had perform Hajj after a week. And there was no place they could leave us kids. My mom went to meet this lady whose husband my dad knew. After that meeting, she made us stay at her place. And that was the beginning of our life long friendship.

There are very few people who have had the privilege of my mom giving us permission to stay over at their place.

That includes this incredible family as well.

We played and cheated in board games all night, woke up for prayers and then went back to sleep, stood in their balcony reading the prayer for rain and then running in the rain with all the kids of the building.

Some love knows no boundaries. And her’s never does. Just the way she hugs me, speaking in broken phrases of Punjabi despite being a Memon herself, makes me want to distribute free ice cream. If I have to attribute the phrase ‘simple and beautiful’, it would be her.

She is sick beyond repair now.

And I sit here. Helpless. Thinking about all the wonderful things our families did together.

Sometimes the lightest of rain can turn into a thunderstorm and when that happens, you are left with towels and buckets on the beach instead of raincoats and umbrellas going towards your house.



Mr A !

March 2, 2014.

The day Sumaica Asad got affected. Pakistan was playing India on this day and I was the ONLY person who was unaware of the Cricket matches going on.

This is really embarrassing for a girl who used to advice everyone of completing their studies and than thinking about getting married.

You know how they say that never be too proud of a thing, you never know what can happen with you.

I got engaged last Ramadan on 26th July. Ever since that day, life has been a roller coaster ride. Sometimes going up and not finding a way to come down again.

But when I say that now after 7 months, I am truly satisfied. I have a reason for it. I have finally talked to Mr A.

Lets just say that he is the world most boring person who has literally wasted his life. But other than that he is a Human Being. And a good person. I say that due to experience of chatting nonstop for the past 11 days.

On that note, I am proud to tell you that I was the one to message him. And I am glad of that decision.

And lets just say that Mr A is more than glad. You know how on your birthday, the cake is in front of you and you are asked to wish for something. You wish with utmost concentration. And when that wish comes true, your feet are on the ground but your mind is on the sky. That is how that guy feels.

He was showing me some newspaper clipping of one of the matches his cricket club played and won. The guy was trying to impress me and I was laughing at the name of the cricket club which is “BLASTER GUNS.”

P.S. This is an introduction of Mr A into my life. You and I both know how that will turn out. πŸ˜‰