Shedding Some Light # 2 Bitten By A Sibling

One minute you are yelling at your sibling to keep his nose out of your business and the next, you are sitting on his bed, hoping that he will share his stash of chips with you. From sharing a room, you go on to share secrets. The fights about breaking crayons turn into arguing over who ate whose slice of Pizza.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, me and my younger brother never saw eye to eye. Me trying to be the big bossy sister, him proving that he was the eldest of us all despite being the youngest.

One day, we were going upstairs to give a message to our Taya (Dad’s brother), and we were arguing over some petty thing. We reached the top and were standing in the balcony, finishing our argument. Neither of us was backing down, being the strong headed kids we always have been.

All of a sudden, he bit me. With bare, pointy teeth and all.

It was on my right arm. No the left one. I don’t remember.

Anyway, so he bites me and I am still standing there, gaping at him, not sure of what just happened.

I look at my arm and I can see the flesh. Its pink, red and all glossy. And its horrifying.

I don’t remember the next half an hour of frenzy where my brother is explaining it to Amma, and she is trying not to overreact. Otherwise instead of one, there would be two kids going to the hospital.

So somehow, me, Amma and my Grandma end up at the hospital. The doctor comes in, takes a look and asks,

“Was she bitten by a dog ?”

“No, by her brother “, my mom sheepishly replied.

The doctor went all ooohhh on us.

I ended up getting an injection and enjoying the attention showered upon me, which lasted for a millisecond.

When we came home and told this incident to our family, one of my cousins said,

“Kutta katta hai tu 14 teekay lagtay hai, bhai nay kata hai, ab tu 40 lagay gain.”

“When a dog bites, you get 14 shots. Your brother  bit you, now you are definitely getting 40 shots.”

Now that same brother knows me so well that he can tell you what my favourite food was in 6th grade. Or what colour skates I wore.

Siblings share not only a blood but a life together. So whether you need a ride or Doritos at midnight, you have the right to make them do it.

That is the fun of having a sibling. Instead of being one.


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