Me And My Bookmarks

I love bookmarks just like any other bibliophile. But my attempts at using them always go to waste.

This is hilarious because I even make bookmarks.

Last summer, I made a ton of bookmarks because school was over and all of us friends were splitting up. So I wanted to gift everyone and bookmarks were included in those gifts.

Following are some of the reasons I do not use bookmarks as often as I should, :

1. I never find my bookmarks in the first place, whenever I am reading. And being impatient, I start reading after 5 seconds.

2. If I am lucky enough to find them, when I finish reading, I always forget them to actually put the bookmark in the book.

3. If I end up doing that, than whenever I restart the reading process, I will put the bookmark down because it keeps irritating me. And than I forget about it.

4. My brain tells me that the time it takes to use the bookmark, I can spend that on reading the book and end up doing that.

5. Also I end up gifting a majority of my bookmarks because I am like, I am not going to use them.

Despite all this I have a few favourites which are honoured despite my laziness.

One of the bookmarks I use a lot is a card out of playing cards.

And I might be slightly obsessed with skulls.

P.S. I had a group called ‘Cursed Souls” in 7th grade. And to me, its the coolest thing to this date.


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