This Society And Its Cruelness

There was a death in the city three days ago.

An aunty very dear to us, had the misfortune of losing her husband. He was in the hospital the past 1 and a half month, really sick, not being able to cope with pain but he was breathing, alive. 
I have seen that aunty go about her day, working selflessly for others. When she got married, her husband had a whole family to support, so she spend her years, cutting down her needs, educating and then marrying her husbands siblings. By that time, her own kids were grown up, so there studies became a priority. After that came marriages and finally after all these years, she was free. 
The time had come for her to sit back and relax. 
But destiny had something else in mind. 
Word gets around very fast. Its twisted like a piece of twine. Some of the things I heard were down right cruel. 
“See, his sons are Hafiz-e-Quran. But when I asked him to read Quran to his father, he put it on a mobile instead of reading it out loud himself.”
“We went to their house to pay our respects and his daughters did not even come out of there rooms.”
“I was sitting there for half an hour and I was not asked for water. Back home, we are served tea, samosas, biscuits etc.”
“All of there kids are so rude. What was the use of their parents sacrificing so much for such selfish kids ?”

“At least my kids are not like this. If I die, they will arrange for catering and make sure no one goes hungry from our house.”

“Ali Sahab and his wife were religious but their kids were not at all. They cared too much about worldly things.”

“Parents need to focus more on their kids upbringing. Ali Sahab should have paid attention to his kids religious education.”

“His eldest daughter was not even crying. Instead of tears dripping down her face, she was looking after her own daughter.”

“Where was their daughter in law’s family ? My neighbour’s daughter told me that no one visited, from their family in these three days.”

This is what is being talked about at a dead man’s funeral.

Yes, they are praying for his forgiveness in the next world, for him to be awarded Jannah, reciting Quran and Darood Shareef for hours. But when they go back to their homes, this is what they talk about. Apparently, this was more important then that man’s funeral.

So the next time, someone dies near to us. We need to forget our own grief and cater to the people around us. We need to make sure that they get tea, biscuits, eat Biryani, Qorma, Karahi and then Gajar ka Halwa for dessert. Then spread quilts filled with bird feathers, under them so they sit in the most comfortable way possible. We should assist them in every way so they go home and talk about some other nonsense.

You would expect that our society would leave you alone when a person you dearly loved, dies.

But no ! Not even death can put scotch tape on their mouths.

Lord knows what truly can. 


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